These are large numbers of vans to roll off the production line. It has taken some 40 years to reach this milestone, but this too is testament to the durability of the concept and the dedication of the IVECO team to compete in a market dominated by large car manufacturers.

All of the 1,600,000 Daily vans have rolled off the assembly line at the Suzzara plant (in Mantua, Italy) – the factory where the Daily has always been made. The Daily has continuously reinvented itself for more than 40 years, with innovation, versatility and efficiency. It has introduced many innovations and industry-firsts while remaining true to its DNA. These unique strengths are the foundation of the enduring success of the Daily in the market, which leads the high-payload segment with the 7-Tonne model and is a benchmark for natural gas powered light commercial vehicles.

The milestone vehicle is the new Daily panel van, a 35C18H V, equipped with a 3.0-litre, 176-hp Euro VIE Heavy Duty diesel engine.

Giorgio Ricci, Iveco Suzzara Plant Manager, commented: “We are extremely proud of this important milestone for our plant, which represents more than 40 years of Daily production. This vehicle is a benchmark in the market for its fundamental characteristics, such as its versatility, strength, robustness and performance, which have always set it apart from other vehicles. With increasingly advanced connectivity to meet the business needs of customers, its focus on sustainability, and the traditional values that have always been a part of Iveco’s DNA, the new Daily is a high-performing and competitive travelling partner, with a Total Cost of Ownership among the best in its category.”

1.6M Iveco Daily Vans
The milestone vehicle is the new Daily panel van, a 35C18H V, equipped with a 3.0-litre, 176-hp Euro VIE Heavy Duty diesel engine

The team at the Suzzara plant works together at every stage of the production process – from chassis assembly and cab bodywork, to painting and installation of the transmission, all the way to fitting of interior trim and final inspection. The factory also assembles special versions for military and firefighting applications. Since 2007 the plant works to World Class Manufacturing (WCM) standards, a production system that aims for zero faults, wastage and accidents. It involves a process of continuous development, focused on involving every individual operator in the production process.

The plant has recently won the “Special Award: Excellent Culture of Improvement” bestowed by Agamus Consult, an international management consultancy firm, and German magazine Automobil Produktion.

True to the motto, “Mastering the unpredictable”, with the aim of improving the technology and work environment within the scope of a difficult market and global situation, the Suzzara plant leverages the strategic leadership of its team to guide its people and processes, turning VUCA into an opportunity for continuous improvement.