Volvo’s new FH is now being produced in right hand drive form – so expect to see some of the more aerodynamic-looking trucks on the road later this month. Some of these could well be in Maritime Transport livery since they will be the largest FH I-Save operator in the UK shortly, after placing orders for 275 next-generation models for delivery this year.

Volvo FH I-Save on Road Maritime Transport
Maritime Transport already operates 50 Volvo FH with I-Save tractor units; and is adding 275 of the next-generation models to its fleet. Production of Volvo’s new heavy-duty range commences this month at sites in Gothenburg and Ghent.

No newcomer to the I-Save FH, Maritime already operates 50 previous generation FH with I-Save tractor units – which Paul Heyhoe, Fleet Director, confirms have quickly become the company’s most fuel-efficient 44-tonners.

All About Fuel

He says: “We have had 40 on the road for a few weeks now, and they are performing really well; going further on a full tank than any other 6×2 tractors on the fleet. The final 10 will enter service this month, and then all eyes will be on the new models arriving later this year.”

John Williams, Executive Chairman of Maritime Transport, explains: “As a business we are committed to operating a compliant, reliable and eco-friendly fleet and this is reflected in our decision to invest in the new Volvo FH with I-Save engine technology.

“Our policy of continuous investment in new vehicles means we are able to operate one of the youngest fleets in the industry, benefitting from the latest technology in reducing vehicle emissions, enhancing driver comfort and ensuring safety and compliance across our entire fleet. Once fully integrated, we’re confident these vehicles will bring a number of benefits to our operation, our drivers, and our customers.”

The I-Save Updates

To unlock the additional fuel performance, Volvo Trucks’ product development team made crucial software updates based on detailed user data analysis. The balance between fuel consumption and driveability has also been refined, leading to a further fuel savings when driving in Eco mode.

New Generation Volvo FH with I-Save
Goods Looks on the new Generation Volvo FH with I-Save

The latest generation FH also benefits from a more aerodynamic design, plus its improved map-based I-See technology constantly reads the road 2km ahead to optimise gear changing strategy, to ensure the best possible fuel performance.

All this combined with the proven Volvo D13TC Euro-6 engine which lies at the heart of the I-Save product. Rated to 460 hp, it uses turbo-compounding to allow the driver to maintain lower revs and a higher gear for a longer time, contributing to a smoother, quieter and more fuel-efficient journey.

Testing by Volvo Trucks has shown the new Volvo FH with I-Save to deliver a 10 per cent saving versus a standard Volvo FH equipped with a 13-litre Euro-6 engine. This is three per cent more than the previous generation Volvo FH with I-Save, which was introduced in 2019.

The new trucks will be supplied by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre South & East on a two-year Volvo Blue Contract covering preventative maintenance, servicing costs and remote workshop connection.