Collecting liquid waste is not for everyone, but the saying, “Where there’s muck…” certainly applies to a Market Rasen-based operator DM Boyles as they opt to buy their trucks outright rather than use a finance package.

DAF CF 410 Tridem 8x4
DAF CF 410 Tridem 8×4

Their most recent purchase – and the first DAF truck on the fleet is a unique configuration for the company. The DAF CF410 8×4  truck – a ‘Tridem’ is a rare beast indeed. They often need the payload an eight-wheeler gives them, but also require better manoeuvrability to access the heard to reach collection locations.

The solution, as agreed with supplying DAF dealer Ford & Slater, was to opt for a ‘Tridem’ axle configuration. Rather than there being two sets of two axles at either end of the truck, there are three at the rear and only one at the front.

As a result, the DAF CF 410 goes by the ‘FAQ’ label with a rear axle that steers – this means that drive is supplied by the two axles, effectively in the middle.

The CF has a stainless vacuum tanker body which, in combination with the ancillaries and the DAF CF itself made the total truck’s cost come to around £200,000.

“This is almost all about payload and manoeuvrability,” confirms Boyles. “We have always been delighted with Whale Tankers, and the bonus now is that our drivers love the DAF cab. Then there’s its overall performance, both fuel and reliability. We don’t expect record-breaking fuel figures on our sort of work, what with the pumping and other PTO work, but I am happy that the DAF is doing well. Very well.”  Business owner, Ashely Bowles

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