The first truck range to receive the hydraulic front-wheel drive conversion for the DAF XF and CFs is an odd choice for the UK – 4×2 tractor units.  DAF inform us that there will be other chassis types available later this year.

DAF XF with Switchable  Front Wheel Drive
DAF XF 4×2 Tractor Unit with Switchable Front Wheel Drive

Switchable front wheel drive on an 8×2 or 8×4 chassis could see a larger market in the UK – but we assume DAF know a lot more about these things than we do!

Better bet than Permanent 4WD

If a truck operator needs to drive in off-road conditions occasionally, investing in an unwieldy all wheel drive solution is very expensive – in terms of upfront and operating costs.

Having a standard truck with an additional hydraulic drive added to the front axle means that the cost and weight penalty is reduced.

The new ‘PXP’ drive has been developed together with Paul Nutzfahrzeuge and will be available on the DAF CF and XF 4×2 tractors powered by the PACCAR MX-11 or MX-13 engine.

The system can be activated via a switch on the dashboard. If the vehicle registers slip from the powered wheels, PXP – ‘Paul Xtra Power’ – is automatically activated. The greater the amount of slip from the rear, the more traction the front wheels provide.

Operates up to 20kph

DAF’s switchable front-wheel drive is available in the first four forward gears and the first and second reverse gears. At speeds above 20 kilometres per hour (and/or in 5th gear and upwards) PXP switches back to stand-by mode. The system activates itself again at lower speeds and whenever use is required.

Power for PTO Applications

To make the switchable front-wheel drive possible, each front axle wheel hub is equipped with a hydraulic motor. The motors are driven by a hydraulic pump that is fitted directly onto the Engine-PTO, which saves both weight and space. In addition, the hydro pump can also drive components like cranes, hook arms, stabilizers and skip loader systems for maximum efficiency. This means that only one hydraulic tank is required, which also results in less weight and more space.