Germany has introduced a generous scrappage scheme aimed at helping both the German truck operators and the German truck manufacturers alike.

MAN TGX Model Year 2020
A Euro 6 MAN TGX – Compared with its predecessor, consumption and CO2 emissions – have been reduced by up to 8.2 percent

The government is focusing more strongly on the environmental & safety benefits that the scrappage scheme can bring – we all know that a Euro 6 truck produces 80% less NOx than a Euro 5 model.

We all know that the most modern trucks are the safest with the new active and passive safety systems on board – emergency braking is one good example.

At the crux of the matter is the government supporting its domestic industries – transport and manufacturing with the incentive of 15,000 Euros off the purchase price of a new, Euro 6 truck when scrapping a Euro 3, 4 or 5 truck.

Essentially this is a guaranteed buyback scheme.  For a rigid truck with an expensive body, this may be less attractive, but for a Euro 5 tractor unit with spaceship miles on it, 15,000 Euros is a good trade-in value.

UK Government Initiatives

This is a short paragraph. There are no similar initiatives.  The UK would not benefit as greatly as Germany on the manufacturing side – only DAF trucks are assembled here in the UK.

With Brexit and the corona virus on its plate, the last place BJ and his team are focusing efforts on is the poor transport operator.