It was avoiding the need to stop for forced regeneration of the aftertreatment system that led to Iveco Retail’s sale to Navajo Leasing of three new 18-tonne Eurocargo flatbed rigids to its fleet, with a further order planned for later in 2020.

Iveco Eurocargo Flat Truck
Iveco Eurocargo Hi SCR – No Forced Regeneration Required

If a truck does not carry out any motorway work for a while, there is insufficient heat generated in the exhaust system to burn off the deposits in the treatment system. As the trucks spend their life inside an airport, they are unlikely to reach the required temperatures.  With many trucks this would mean sitting at a high idling speed, carrying out a ‘forced regeneration’.

Iveco’s HI-SCR engine technology eliminates the need for Euro VI vehicles to make periodic stops for forced regeneration.

Supplied by Iveco Retail – the London dealership owned by Iveco, the new arrivals increase Iveco’s share of the airport ground support equipment specialist’s fleet to 80 per cent. The trucks will operate at London Heathrow, transporting palletised air freight and containers between commercial aircraft and the cargo village.

During this Covid crisis there are still flights operating in and out of Heathrow at the time of writing, especially on the freight side, so these trucks could still go straight to work.

Why Buy Iveco?

Allan Gardner, CEO of Navajo Leasing, says:

The Eurocargo has consistently been a solid performer for us and was always going to be my preferred choice of vehicle when we needed to expand the fleet. HI-SCR has meant forced regeneration is now a thing of the past within our fleet, helping to increase productivity levels and reduce fleet downtime. When using similar vehicles from other manufacturers, we used to lose between two to four hours every week because of forced regeneration cycles. Iveco’s system has had such a positive impact that we’re planning to buy a further six Eurocargos later this year.”

How it Works

Iveco’s patented HI-SCR technology is the only emission control system which does not change the combustion process – because it works through fresh air intake rather than exhaust gas recirculation. This means the combustion temperature remains high and the percentage of particulate is reduced, without the need for an active diesel particulate filter – eliminating the problems of forced regeneration at source.

This solution also enables unrestricted access to sensitive environments such as airports and tunnels, where high temperatures caused by active regeneration can pose a risk and result in application restrictions for operators. What’s more, HI-SCR is a lightweight system helping to deliver savings in fuel consumption and using fewer components than rival technologies, reducing the need for replacement parts.

Gardner adds:

We bought our first Iveco truck more than 10 years ago and its performance, coupled with the strong aftersales support we receive, has meant we’ve kept coming back. We work in such a busy environment that our vehicles need to be available all the time, and the team at Iveco Retail make sure we get all the support we need.”