Mercedes Actros Tractor Unit & Trailer
No other model of truck has won the award more times than the Actros

The Actros has won the top truck award yet again – the model range has taken International Truck of the Year no fewer than five times now. It does help that the model is not in its 25th year – it was originally launched back in 1997 when ‘MMMBop’ was number one in the UK pop charts. On average the Actros has won roughly every five years – certainly better than the average, as there are seven truck manufacturers in Europe (and there were more back in 1997).

No other model of truck has won the award more times than the Actros and Mercedes-Benz is also the most successful manufacturer with nine victories.

The Winning Formula

The International Truck of the Year jury based their decision, not on a manufacturer’s advertising spend, (as some cynics may say) but on the fifth-generation model’s innovative technological developments.

Most of the innovations incorporated within the new Mercedes-Benz Actros range were developed with the aim of delivering improvements for drivers, operators, and society as a whole. The Actros offers major advances in safety, efficiency and comfort. Its multitude of new features includes the Multimedia Cockpit, MirrorCam instead of external mirrors, and partially automated driving with Active Drive Assist, as well as ground-breaking safety systems such as Active Brake Assist 5, and the improved Sideguard Assist.

The International Truck of the Year journalists had plenty of praise for the extended functionality of the forward-looking Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) cruise control system, which can now be used on winding arterial routes. Also commended was the digital Multimedia Cockpit, which replaces the conventional instrument cluster.

A Game Changer

Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK Managing Director Mike Belk said: “As the International Truck of the Year judges clearly recognised, new Actros is a genuine game-changer. With cutting-edge technology such as MirrorCam, Active Brake Assist 5 and the latest version of Predictive Powertrain Control, this remarkable vehicle offers major advances in terms of safety and operational efficiency.

“Meanwhile, not only does the Multimedia Cockpit provide drivers with completely new control options and a much improved, more comfortable working environment, but it also offers greatly enhanced fleet visibility and connectivity for managers.”