Not sure that the market for this is huge in the UK. You probably can’t even buy one, but we can’t resist a photo of an impressive looking truck. 

Scania G540 XT 10x4 Heavy Duty
Scania G540 XT 10×4 Heavy Tipper. We all want one, just don’t need one.

If you run a quarry and you are not content with a straightforward 8×4 tipper at 32 tonnes, then checkout Scania’s new heavyweight contender for the mining and heavy construction industries.

Weighing in at an exceptional Gross Vehicle Weight of 69 tonnes, Scania claims that the Scania G 540 10×4/6 XT Heavy Tipper will substantially reduce costs and increase productivity for operators in these businesses.

“The time has come to launch a product with the highest load capacity of its peers in the market,” says Sven-Erik Gustafsson, Head of Scania Mining.

With the G 540 10×4, Scania expands its XT Heavy Tipper range and complements the 6×4 for a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 47 tonnes and the 8×4 for a GVW of 58 tonnes. The latest Heavy Tipper boosts the GVW to 69 tonnes. “Once again, Scania is at the forefront of innovation to exceed customer expectations and take on the yellow equipment manufacturers,” Gustafsson underlines. ”Compared to its 8×4 competitors, the Scania 10×4 reduces cost per tonne by up to 15 percent since fewer vehicles are needed to move the same load.”

This heavyweight is equipped with an air-sprung, steered pusher axle in front of the rear bogie.

The entire Heavy Tipper range is characterised by the fact that the gearbox and prop shaft supports higher torque, the greater strength of the differential and hub reduction, which provide an unmatched maximum traction capacity of up to 210 tonnes. To support higher loads, the entire suspension – springs, anti-roll bar and shock absorbers – has been reinforced.