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The team behind the Truckpages website have been beavering away to bring some exciting new features to the popular used truck website.  Here’s a flavour of some of the changes.

Search by Type of Vehicle

Many truck dealers sell more than just trucks.  They will often have trailers, vans and sometimes even plant that they are looking to sell.  To keep the truck search straightforward and easy to use, these other types of inventory have been given their own sections.

If you are looking for a used trailer then there is a main menu option to help, even providing shortcuts to the popular makes and types of trailers. There are over 300 trailers to view – both for sale and at auction.

Similarly, if it is a light commercial vehicle you are looking for the specialist search can be selected from the main menu.  There are over 200 vans to choose from and this number is growing.

As you would expect, there is also a dedicated search for plant machinery for sale – these are mainly compact sweepers and forklifts, but there are also backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and excavators making an appearance.

Case Wheel Loader
It is now easier than ever to find used plant for sale at

Auction Pages

Trucks that are coming up for auction have always had their own search on, but we have now added a brand-new feature where the upcoming auctions are listed in a calendar to help truck buyers to plan when and where they will visit the sales.

These calendars can be filtered to just show van auctions, or truck auctions or even all commercial vehicle auctions.  For completeness we have also added details of forthcoming plant machinery auctions.

Alongside the auction inventory we list the auction houses and the total number of lots that they have shown on Truckpages.  This can be refined further by viewing all inventory on a particular date by selecting the relevant date in the side search bar.

Truckpages Auction Calendar
How the Auction Calendar Looks on

WhatsApp Enquiries

Website users now have an extra way to get in touch – in addition to calling the seller or sending an email using the contact form, they can now click the WhatsApp logo to send an enquiry to the advertiser (where the advertiser has subscribed to the service).

The resulting WhatsApp message already contains the details of the vehicle, so the user need only type in the question they have for the seller.  Simple.

Whatsapp Example

If there are any additional facilities you would like to see on the site, then please contact us with any suggestions.