DAF Trucks’ flagship model, the DAF XF has seen some 250,000 examples coming out of the factory over the last two decades.  Launched back in 1997 with the 95XF, today’s truck shares the same fundamental cab as its predecessor.

New DAF XF Celebration with 95XF
New DAF XF Celebration with 95XF First Edition from 1994

In order to celebrate this success, truck operators can now buy as special limited edition XF – snappily named the ‘XF Super Space Cab Celebration Edition’.

DAF have gone overboard with the interior goodies for the drivers – with ‘cognac’ coloured leather seats no less!

These large cab designs are nothing new.  DAF were promoting the Space Cab even before the XF cab was launched.  The 3600 started the Space Cab movement back in 1985 with the ‘Super Space Cab’ arriving in 1994 shortly before the XF cab launch.

DAF XF Super Space Cab Celebration Edition
XF Super Space Cab Celebration Edition

Plenty of Interior Space

The cab may be old, but it is definitely still spacious. At 12.6m3 interior space it still tops the charts and even for the tallest driver there is no lack of headroom.  You’d have to be a giant to worry about the 7ft+ standing room.

For those long distance travels, there is more storage space in the XF than a Volvo estate – the DAF has 925 litres compared to a measly 575 litres in the Volvo V70 estate!

DAF tell us that half of all DAF XFs are ordered as Super Space Cab.

Truck operators can choose a two or three-axle tractor unit for the Celebration edition as well as the option of buying it as a rigid truck.  Unusually for these types of limited edition trucks, the engine choice is flexible too.  You can buy the 11-litre MX-11 at 450hp or go for the 13-litre MX-13 at 48 or 530hp.

This is not just an initiative for the UK – surely DAF’s largest market for the XF, but is available across Europe.  The specifications are different for each country, so it will be a surprise to find out exactly how the spec will look by talking to your dealer.  It will definitely have leather, fridge and remote climate – no doubt you can add to the package as well as you get your Celebration made to order?

Form an orderly queue please.

If your budget does not stretch to a new DAF XF search for a used DAF XF for sale