This is a great news feature to show some excellent truck livery design. Our hats go off to the design team behind the Iveco support of the Metallica tour. Iveco is now ready to join Metallica on the band’s European leg of the M72 World Tour as part of the partnership announced last November in Barcelona at the launch of Iveco’s fully renewed lineup.

Iveco and Metallica are looking to make this tour as greren as possible. As a result, Iveco will deliver low-emission transport for all of the 9 stops on the Tour in Europe (Munich, Milan, Vienna, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Clisson, Warsaw and Madrid), providing natural gas, electric and renewable diesel-powered trucks and minibuses for the logistics for Metallica staff and concert equipment. A fuel cell electric truck will also join the ranks of the multi-energy fleet in the final stages of the Tour.

Iveco’s Metallica-inspired fleet: a striking livery and Limited Edition trucks

Iveco has designed a striking special edition livery for the entire fleet for the tour, drawing inspiration from Metallica’s 72 Seasons album which delves into the transformative experiences of the first 18 years of life, likened to 72 seasons of growth and evolution. This unique livery features a sleek black design with vibrant yellow accents, echoing the album’s aesthetic. Notably, the front grille proudly showcases the iconic Metallica logo, symbolising the partnership between Iveco and the iconic rock band.

A limited run of 72 high-end heavy-duty trucks, featuring exclusive outfitting inspired by Metallica, is set to launch in the latter half of the year, offering enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of this collaborative venture.

Iveco Metallica Tour
The livery for the tour draws inspiration from Metallica’s 72 Seasons album about the transformative experiences of the first 18 years of life, likened to 72 seasons of growth and evolution.

Truck drivers in the spotlight with unique engagement activities

At the heart of Iveco’s efforts are truck drivers, and this is reflected also in its partnership with Metallica, which will include engagement activities designed for them. A special contest will invite drivers of all vehicle brands to submit videos of themselves performing to Metallica music, with opportunities to win concert tickets and amazing prizes. Finally, the MY METALLICA TRUCK digital tool will allow fans to create personalised Metallica-themed backgrounds featuring their photos, perfect for sharing on social media. These initiatives underscore Iveco’s dedication to recognising and supporting truck drivers, and are aligned with its driver-centric values.

An exclusive Metallica concert experience with special hospitality at the Iveco Village

With the aim of involving all its stakeholders in the Tour, under the partnership more than 1,400 tickets have been set aside for Iveco’s customers and Iveco Group employees, who have the opportunity to win tickets through a special contest. Iveco friends will be hosted in the Iveco Village, a unique Hospitality Area customised with the iconic band style and colours.