Williams Transport has been in the haulage business for over 50 years and was an early adopter of the Iveco S-Way at its initial launch back in 2020. However, Managing Director of R.D. Williams & Sons Andy Williams’ relationship with Iveco tractor units goes back to the 80s when as a child his favourite toy was a TurboStar diecast model. Wind the clocks forward by 40 years and his company has taken delivery of the modern-day incarnation of the most celebrated trucks in Iveco history, the legendary TurboStar.

The 1 of 180 left-hand-drive Iveco S-Way 4×2 features various styling enhancements that pay homage to the classic truck including its 1980s-inspired red colour-scheme and retro graphics. A stylish yet functional lightbar, polished air horns, and contrasting body elements further bolster its visual presence.

In the cab the throwbacks to the original TurboStar continue with contrasting trim, a unique seat design, leather dashboard and the iconic TurboStar logo proudly on display. Based on the Iveco S-Way, the interior retains its impressive levels of space, storage, and comfort with modern-day comforts such as a fridge, freezer, microwave, TV and even a coffee maker mean this cab is a welcoming space for drivers.

When not at shows and grabbing attention on social media, this truck will be a functioning member of Williams Transport’s 50-strong fleet. Powered by a 570hp Cursor 13 engine, the TurboStar will be paired with an innovative Knapen moving floor trailer, which will be responsible for transporting wastepaper and recycling materials.

Iveco S Way TurboStar
The 1 of 180 left-hand-drive Iveco S-Way 4×2 features various styling enhancements that pay homage to the classic truck

The Iveco TurboStar was originally launched back in 1984 and instantly became a cult classic amongst enthusiasts. A nine-year production run saw divers love the model for its strong performance of up to 420hp and spacious cab.

Andy Williams, Managing Director of R.D. Williams & Sons, said “Ever since I was a kid, I loved the TurboStar. That 1984 truck was an instant icon, and as soon as I heard a new TurboStar was hitting the road, I had to have one! It was the passion and enthusiasm of Iveco UK & ROI Business Director Vincenzo Nicolò and Guest Truck’s Bal Singh that made it happen and I have ended up with one of just two vehicles that have come to the UK.”

Expected to cover around 110,000km each year, this Iveco S-Way TurboStar is covered by Iveco’s 3XL Repair and Maintenance contract for five years, helping supply peace of mind, providing key operational services at fixed prices.

This Iveco S-Way is also fitted with a Connectivity Box, giving Williams Transport access to Smart Reporting where vehicle efficiency and health can be monitored. It also enables over-the-air updates, something that delivers software enhancements without the need to visit the dealer.

Mike Cutts, Iveco Business Line Director Full Range UK & ROI commented: “The TurboStar name is a legendary piece of Iveco history, one that decades on, resonates with the industry and enthusiasts alike. The Iveco S-Way TurboStar is an impressive homage and an incredibly rare sight on UK roads. While this truck will no doubt draw crowds at events, it’s great to see that this will also be a working vehicle, providing the same strong attributes customers expect of an Iveco S-Way.”