MAN has started to call customers of trucks with Euro 6c engines, built between 2016 and 2019 (types D2676LF51-53 or D2676LOH35-37), to have their vehicles checked at a MAN dealership. Later engines are not affected.

These engines were fitted to the TGX and TGS models.

This is not the first time that MAN’s D26 has been the subject of recall issues. Back in 2014 it became apparent that the Euro 5 version of the engine had EGR cooler and/or high-pressure intercooler faults. As a result, MAN repaired at least 300 engines in the UK alone.

What’s Wrong with the D26 Now?

According to MAN: “In very rare cases and under adverse circumstances, some engines built between 11/2016 and 08/2019, can suffer damage and subsequent fires.”

These truck engines used lead-free bearings, due to new regulatory requirements. If the truck is running old or contaminated engine oil, oil filter components can become damaged.

The company also points to the use of non-OEM filters, engine over speeding, water getting into the oil system.

These specific lead-free bearings are more sensitive to contamination and oil aging. Signs of damage can occur in trucks with as few as 400,000 kms covered if they have been poorly maintained.

MAN D2676LF51 Euro 6c
The MAN D2676LF51 Euro 6C Engine

Change the Truck’s Oil !

We all know it’s important to keep fresh oil in an engine, but it appears to be vital in these engines. There are around 120,000 trucks in Europe with these engines, of which MAN has seen about half of them through their workshops.

According to MAN’s findings, there have been 170 fire cases in the general population since the engines mentioned were launched on the market, which – among other possible causes – could be attributed to the engine damage pattern mentioned. In 2024, 18 cases occurred, the cause of which most likely lies in the damage pattern described.