Mitsubishi FUSO has revealed the details of the update of their Canter light-duty truck. In the new Canter (for the 6.0 t, 7.5 t and 8.55 t variants), additional safety and comfort features are available as standard plus a completely redesigned interior.

The fully electric sister model eCanter will also receive various updates and will be available in even more variants, which will further increase the variety of applications.

 Florian Schulz, Head of Sales, Marketing and Customer Services FUSO Europe: “Thanks to the smallest turning circle in its class, its high payload and its versatility, the iconic FUSO Canter has been an international bestseller for decades among light-duty trucks. Since its market launch in 1963, over 4.5 million FUSO Canters have been produced worldwide. We are delighted to now offer our customers a significant upgrade in terms of safety and comfort.” The new model will be produced for European markets starting in late summer 2024.

Safety and Comfort

The Canter’s update is immediately apparent in the interior: The completely redesigned cabin is now based on the cabin of the eCanter and creates a modern look that integrates the new equipment details in a functional and appealing way. The focal point is the 6.95-inch touchscreen radio, which is easily accessible from the driver and passenger side. The new Canter has DAB+ radio reception and Apple CarPlayTM/Android Auto. A user-friendly multifunction steering wheel enables easy control of the new digital LCD instrument panel. The new Canter cabin, which has undergone its first comprehensive update since 2011retains the good all-round visibility, the low entry height and the easy step-through.

In addition, the Canter’s fuel tank is now made of robust plastic. The on-board tools and jack are now stowed in external boxes on the frame. The FUSO Canter will also be equipped with a fleet management interface as standard.

 FUSO Canter 2024 Model Year
Since its launch in 1963, over 4.5 million FUSO Canters have been produced worldwide and is available in five weight classes, with six wheelbases and three cab variants

Safety Systems Upgrade

The Canter has undergone a literal 360-degree update in terms of its safety systems. Additional sensors and cameras combined with a total of eight new or updated safety systems ensure the protection of occupants and road users in all directions from the vehicle. Compared to the previous system, Active Brake Assist 6 (ABA 6) not only can detect moving and stationary vehicles and crossing pedestrians, but also bicycles and motionless pedestrians. The Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) ensures the safety of road users next to the vehicle.

Four sensors extend the existing warning area, in which the system can detect road users in the “blind spot” area and beyond. The system can issue an acoustic warning accordingly. A coloured triangle in the interior on the windshield pillars can provide an additional visual warning. Facing forwards, the Front Protection Assist can provide visual and acoustic warnings at speeds below 10 km/h if pedestrians or cyclists are directly in front of the vehicle. The new FUSO Canter has an Attention Assist function as standard, which can alert the driver to inattentive and conspicuous driving behaviour and suggests a break.

The Intelligent Speed Assistance system can monitor the vehicle speed, show the current speed limit on the display and is able to warn the driver visually and acoustically if this limit is exceeded. The new Canter is also fitted with a camera behind the vehicle, which can make people or objects behind the vehicle visible to the driver on a display. Another new feature in the Canter is a warning system connected to tire pressure sensors, which can display both the tire pressure and the temperature in each wheel and can warn the driver in the event of a corresponding loss of pressure. The Emergency Stop signal is active at speeds above 50 km/h. In the event of sudden braking, the system is able to activate the warning light to warn following traffic and prevent rear-end collisions.

In addition to the eight safety features mentioned above, the new Canter has an interface for an alcohol immobilizer fitted as standard. This allows the vehicle operator to connect alcohol measuring devices available on the market.

FUSO eCanter Update 2024

In addition to the safety features mentioned above, the all-electric eCanter will receive a number of other innovations. For example, the new vehicle will have cruise control, which can be controlled via the multifunction steering wheel. In future, the vehicle’s LED taillights will illuminate sequentially when the turn signal is activated (“sequential turn signal”).

The eCanter can now be used in even more different ways. Instead of the previous 42 variants, from now on the customer can choose between 46 variants with 3 different battery configurations on various wheelbases. From March next year, new chassis configurations will also be available for the eCanter. As the high-voltage battery can be placed in different positions in the chassis, crane superstructures or pallet truck superstructures will also be possible in future.