If you operate a truck over 12 tonnes GVW in London, you will already be familiar with the Direct Vision Standards (DVS) that have been in place since March 2021.

The scheme operates a DVS star rating for all trucks oer 12 tonnes GVW from zero to five stars, determined by how much a driver can see through their windows. Trucks with ratings of 1 to 5 had been receiving their free safety permit automatically with zero rated trucks having to fit safety systems and apply for the permit retrospectively. The scheme operates 24/7 and has a penalty of £550 (reduced to £275 if paid within 14 days) attached if caught by one of TfL’s cameras.

There have been 90,000 permits issued across all star rating so far with some 30,000 zero rated trucks amongst them.

The additional safety systems include:

  • cameras covering blind spots linked to a video display in the cab
  • an audible warning when turning left
  • motion sensors covering the sides of the lorry at low speeds
  • a prominent warning on the back of their vehicle

DVS Changes for October 2024

If you have vehicles that are operating under a permit for zero, one or two stars then you will have to fork out on a ‘Progressive Safety System’ to be fitted as the existing permits for zero, one and two star trucks will expire. Permits granted following October 2024 will be valid until the 28th of October, 2030.

DVS PSS Kits are already available from the usual suppliers like autoequips and Brigade.

To obtain compliance, you will need to take photos of the modifications and upload them to TfL for approval.

 Mercedes Econics are Five Star Compliant
Mercedes Econics are already DVS Five Star compliant

Buying a DVS Compliant Used Truck

You will see many trucks already advertised in the Truck Pages listings as DVS compliant. Remember to check fully that this compliance meets the needs of the revised Progressive Safety System (PSS) if the truck is not a three star or above. If it has a system fitted under the initial scheme it will expire on 27th October 2024.

Prior to buying a truck over 12 tonnes that you are hoping to operate in London, you need to ensure that it meets the Euro 6 standard (usually made in 2014 or later) plus it, is either a three-star rated truck, or it has an updated PSS fitted to it. Remember, the seller may not be 100% confident of the regulations so be sure to double check online. The process for applying for a PSS does not start unit 24th June 2024, so no used trucks will have a permit until this time, but it is worth checking the vehicle against the details below to see how much conversion work will be required.

Progressive Safety System (PSS) Summary

  1. A Camera Monitoring System (CMS) must be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle, to eliminate the remaining blind spot at the nearside. A CMS can also be used as an alternative to fitting Class V and VI mirrors.
  2. Class V and VI mirrors, or a CMS that replaces the mirrors, or a combination of both, must be fitted to the front and nearside of the vehicle.
  3. A Blind Spot Information System must ensure full coverage down the nearside of rigid vehicles to detect vulnerable road users. They must not activate in relation to roadside furniture or stationary vehicles. This aims to prevent left turn collisions.
  4. A Moving Off Information System (MOIS) must be fitted to the front of a vehicle to warn the driver of the presence of a vulnerable road user and prevent collisions at the front blind spot zone when a vehicle moves off from rest.
  5. Side under- run protection must be fitted to both sides of the vehicle, except where this would not be practicable.
  6. Audible warnings must be fitted to provide an adequate warning to vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left, or right for left-hand drive vehicles. This makes sure that all vehicles can warn of an intended manoeuvre.
  7. External warning signage must be displayed on vehicles to provide clear visual warning of the hazards around the vehicle. Our operator’s guidance sets out that this must be clearly legible.

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