All the other truck companies involved in the alleged fixing of timing and pricing of Euro 6 technology back in 2017 simply paid up. Scania was the only company to fight against the EU ruling that would see it fined over 800 million Euros.

The company must be confident in its innocence, as it raised an appeal at the General Court which took nearly five years to decide an outcome. Unfortunately for Scania the court upheld the original decision and level of fine in February of this year.

Still, if Scania hasn’t yet paid the fine, then having that money for another five years is no bad thing, although who would want to have to pay all those lawyers’ fees?

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Scania must still believe whole heartedly in their innocence, as the company has decided to appeal once more – its says that “The company neither entered into any pan-European agreement with other manufacturers with regard to pricing, nor colluded to delay the introduction of new engines compliant with EU legislation for exhaust emissions.”

Scania therefore filed an appeal on 8 April 2022 against the General Court’s judgment, to the European Court of Justice as the last court of instance in the EU.