Scania 580 S Badge
S580 would have been more straightforward

Scania’s brand new heavy truck range, the S-Series has suffered a minor setback in the naming convention.

As though it isn’t difficult enough to keep track of what the model numbers are for trucks, the Swedish manufacturer is having a bit of a t-do with Daimler, the owner of Mercedes-Benz trucks and passenger cars.  The German giant is extremely protective of its brand names – especially the top of the range S-Class cars.

As a result, Scania’s new S-Series sleeper cabs are having to be rebadged.  Since the PGR range was introduced nearly fifteen years ago, the model letter has always come first – for example the R500 or the P380.  Therefore, you would expect that the new S-Series range would be the S730 etc.  We think that Scania were hoping for this to be the case as well. Scania had their top teams on this on and they got their thinking caps on and decided to put the ‘S’ at the end.  So instead of an S739 we now have a 730 S (with a space)

“By making this adjustment, we fulfil an agreement we have made with Daimler, says Alexander Vlaskamp, Senior Vice President, Head of Scania Trucks. We are keen about protecting our brands and recognise why Daimler, with their long-standing S-class passenger car history, had an issue with the S-series trade name.”