We all understand that exposure on TV is a powerful tool – that’s why companies are prepared to pay millions to advertise on it. We also are aware that people are watching the TV whilst browsing their phones. Finally, most truck drivers would like to be behind the wheel of a Scania – especially if it is the top of the range 770S S Series with 770 horsepower – the “world’s most powerful truck”.

The impact of all three factors was clearly demonstrated during Sunday evening’s show when www.truckpages .co.uk saw a huge spike in traffic for searches relating to the Scania 770S.

Top search queries www.truckpages.co.uk Sunday 19th June 2022

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  • new scania v8 770 price uk
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Since Truckpages covers all makes and models of trucks, the website has plenty of information on the Scania 770S including the V8 engine.

Check out this example of a Google search to see Truckpages results at the top.

Top Gear Traffic Spike
The Top Gear Traffic Spike – check the time of 7pm

What is equally interesting is the spike on the subsequent day which shows how many people are watching the show on catch up – although they weren’t all waiting for 7pm and started watching earlier.

Top Gear Traffic Spike 2
This was the impact the following day – less noticeable but still clear

For those readers who have not yet seen the show it is still available on BBC Iplayer

Scania S Series 770S Badge
Scania S Series 770S Badge – The top powered truck in the world
Frostfire, Scania 770 S V8 4x2
Frostfire, Scania 770 S V8 4×2