Truckpages starts the year with a bang – celebrating 100 weekly issues of the magazine. Launched just a few months before the first COVID-19 lockdowns, the magazine continues to put buyers in touch with sellers of commercial vehicles and plant. With increased distribution and a website that delivers great response to advertisers, now is the time to consider the magazine as a serious alternative to traditional routes.

Excellent rates for all advertisers, delivered by a highly experienced team, unlike other media, we listen to what our advertisers want, we do not dictate to them what they are allowed to have. So call now to give the print and digital combination a try – it could be your best move in 2022.

Remember, there’s always plenty of new stock advertised for sale at Truckpages in print and online.

Truckpages Issue 100

Remember, when you are calling any of the advertisers in the magazine or online, please remember to mention Truckpages magazine. If you can’t find the truck you are looking for then search on the Truckpages website where you may find additional stock not advertised in the magazine.

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All enquiries, please call on 01733 602376 and for details of how to ensure you get a regular free copy – or to subscribe to receive the magazine weekly- contact us