What a variety of trucks on offer this week! From the low entry Econic on Cromwells inside front cover advert that has spent its first life as a traffic management truck. That would be perfect for work inside London with the direct vision standards. Talking of urban use, Windsor-based Global Commercials are offering an urban actic in the photo lineages – a DAF LF250 with an automatic gearbox. If you are interested in urban tractor units, then there is a whole section of them on the website here.

With more on Econics, it seems that they are finding many more uses than as a refuse truck. Strathclyde Commercials has one that is bodies as a gulley sucker – check it out on page 18. Whilst on the oddities from Mercedes – check out MV Commercials double page for their Unimog tipper, (there’s also a cherry picker Unimog in the photo lineages.)

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