Feedback from dealers is that they are pretty much all remaining open for business during the lockdown. Over the last twelve months they have become adept in operating in a safe, covid aware manner. This involves technology – sending more photos and videos of trucks which means that the customer is less likely to need to come and view the truck prior to purchase. Indeed, many dealers are selling lots of trucks without ever seeing the customers. This is based on trust and a buyer’s perception of the quality of the dealer.

Truckpages issue 50 Overview

Demonstrating the depth and strength of a dealership is easier to achieve in a print ad than a user simply seeing an entry online that could have been entered by a new start up, one man band compared to a company that has been dealing in trucks for decades with thousands of loyal customers.

MAC’s Trucks’ newly redesigned advertisement for 2021 on pages 6-7 is a great example of a dealer spending time on their image in print.

Also in this week’s magazine, the front cover shows an example of the Euro Auctions stock – this month sees their big sale in Leeds from the 27th to the 30th January. You can check out the up to date inventory on this sale plus all the other major auctions here.

What with all the snow we have been enjoying across the country, you would expect there to be few gritters or snowploughs available. Check out the CB Commercials advert on page 16 – it is full of them. So, if you aren’t snowed in you can head over to collect one.

Remember, when you are calling any of the advertisers in the magazine or online, please remember to mention Truckpages magazine. If you can’t find the truck you are looking for then search on the Truckpages website where you may find additional stock not advertised in the magazine.

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