Plenty going on in this week’s Truckpages Magazine. The front cover shows a couple of grabloaders – a DAF and a Scania heading for the hammer at Gavel Auctions at tehri unreserved online auction which closes on 13th December at 10am. Both Euro 6 trucks, they are both reading around 200,000 kms.

Looking in the photo lineages, A 2010 Montracon timber trailer has appeared courtesy of North Norfolk Vehicle Solutions. This is a specialist piece of kit that will have cost a small fortune when new. Sitting alongside are some urban-sized scaffold trailers – Billet Auto Sales has seven of them that would be perfect for operation in and around London. This means that the scaffold company would only need one or two trucks to drop off at a job and move onto the next.

Moving away from trailers, CG Rickards is advertising an 18 tonne Mercedes Econic skip loader – five star direct vision standard and great for inner London operations.

There’s always plenty of new stock advertised for sale at Truckpages in print and online.

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