The first Truckpages magazine will roll off the presses on 6th July after a pause in production of nearly three months.  The printing of the magazine was suspended temporarily due to the Covid-19 lockdown and the resulting high number of truck dealers scaling back and closing their gates completely.

Truckpages Issue 21 coverNow the news has been released by the Government that nearly all businesses will be up and running from the fifteenth of June, issue 24 of the magazine will deadline for adverts on that day.

This means the magazine will be in the hands of truck buyers across the UK from Thursday 9th July.

As Truckpages magazine is mailed directly to truck operators – both haulage and own account operators – it does not rely on the newsagents all being open for readers to go and find a copy.

It simply lands on their desk.

Truckpages sales director, Colin Medwynter said:

During lockdown we have been busy making improvements to the website and dealers have received many enquiries in this way since lockdown.  We feel the time is right to take the next step and get the magazines into the hands of truck buyers in the UK and beyond.

Launched in October 2019, Truckpages is published by the same group as Bus & Coach Buyer and have over twenty years of experience in producing weekly truck classified advertising magazines.

Production director, Robert Tipping added:

We have produced thousands of pages of truck adverts over the years – as far back as 1996 – so we have been able to refine our systems to make sure that the adverts are designed exactly as the customers want them.  Whilst other magazines dictate how adverts can look, we prefer to work with our customers to offer friendly advice, but the final decision always belongs to the advertiser.

Need to Advertise your Trucks?

As the country gets back to work, the Truckpages team is expecting a bumper issue – for dealers looking to gear up and move the stock that has been standing over lockdown, take the opportunity to contact the team on 01733 602376.