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Most Popular Models of Wheelbase Dropside Trailers

DAF CF Crane Trailers (8)

The CF is the most popular model of DAF tuck converted for use as a crane truck.  These Euro 6 models are able to travel inside the low emission zones - for the older models then search under the LF55 crane trucks.

A favourite of builders Merchants big and small, the large groups have tended to favour DAF trucks over the years.

This is why you will still find plenty of older, pre-Euro 6 CF75 models on Truckpages.
Our Verdict - DAF CF Euro 6
If you can afford them, however, it is always best to opt for the Euro 6 for UK operation as it will make your truck purchase more future proof.

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DAF LF Box Trailers (74)

There are more DAF LF Box trucks for sale at Truckpages than any other body type. The LF is made into twice as many box trucks as the second most popular, the curtainsider.

Not only this, there are more LF box trucks than any other DAF model  - in fact there are more DAF LF box trucks for sale than box trucks in ANY make or model.

So, if you are a newcomer to the transport business and you are looking for the popular choice of box truck, then a DAF LF should be high on your list.
Used DAF LF Box Trucks
All of the LF box trucks on these pages are the post-2013 Euro 6 models, so you...

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DAF LF Curtainsider Trailers (30)

If you are looking for a lightweight curtainsider, then the DAF LF should be the obvious choice.  Popular when new, there are always plenty to choose from in these truck pages.

When considering which particular Euro 6 DAF LF to opt for you need to think about the type of work the curtainsider will be put to. For long distance operations a higher power version would be most suitable, whereas for local multi drop distribution, the most popular LF150 City is man enough for the job.
Used DAF LF Curtainside Trucks
Also important is the weight you will be running the truck at.  At 7.5 tonnes...

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DAF LF Refrigerated Box Trailers (20)

The LF is a popular choice for fridge and freezer truck operation. There is always a good selection on these truck pages.

For 7.5 tonne refrigerated box truck operation locally, then the LF150 should be the tool of choice with the 4 cylinder PX-4 engine rated at 150hp. Longer distance operators should consider the more powerful version of the same engine in the shape of an LF180.

The LF range goes right up to 18 tonnes GVW - It's great for local distribution to maximise payload, but for distance refrigerated transport, operators tend to opt for the larger CF cab.
Used DAF LF Fridge...

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DAF LF45 Box Trailers (18)

Despite the LF45 being discontinued at the end of 2013, there are still plenty of used DAF LF45 box trucks for sale at Truckpages.

This demonstrates the popularity of the LF45 range of trucks - especially as this range only covers the weight ranges from 7.5 to 12 tonnes G.V.W.  Most of the examples you will find will be at 7.5 tonnes GVW.

You will find examples of box vans here with either day cabs or sleepers.

The 4.5 litre (hence the 45 in LF45) PACCAR 4-cylinder engine powered the LF45 box with power outputs ranging from 140hp to a significant 210hp for later models.
Used DAF...

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DAF LF55 Sweeper Trailers (47)

DAF outsells all other manufacturers in the road sweeper market and the LF55 is still the most popular model of sweeper on Truckpages, despite being discontinued at the end of 2013.

The majority of these sweepers are the 220hp versions (view LF55.220 sweepers) and are fitted with a Johnston sweeping system - usually the VT650.
Used DAF LF55 Road Sweepers
There are number of different model variants that appear in the UK's used truck market. In addition to the popular 220hp version, we find the smaller, 180hp and the larger 250hp variants available.

Interestingly, for smaller...

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DAF LF55 Tractor Unit - Standard Trailers (1)

Available with power outputs if 220 or 250hp the DAF LF55 makes an excellent urban tractor unit.  A small cab and small footprint makes the truck ideal for city deliveries.

With the 19.5 inch wheels, the maximum gross combined weight of these trucks is 28 tonnes.

The trucks all use the PACCAR GR engine - a 6.7 litre using EGR and SCR for meeting Euro 4 and Euro 5 emissions standards.
Used DAF LF55 Urban Tractor Units
Only available up to 2013, if you need a truck to deliver into the ULEZ then you should be looking at the newer, Euro 6 DAF LF Tractor units.

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DAF XF Tractor Unit - Standard Trailers (40)

The flagship of the DAF truck range, the XF is found on nearly all long-distance DAF trucks in the UK.  There is a smaller alternative in the CF range, but the superior width and height of the XF makes it a first choice for drivers - and that means the boss takes notice.

Available as a Space Cab sleeper or a Super Space Cab, all of the XF tractor units shown on these pages should be post 2014, Euro 6 versions.

There are still plenty of model variants to choose from, including the fleet 460hp versions up to the top power 530hp flagships.

Available in a range of different axle...

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Ford Transit Tipper Trailers (19)

These Ford Transit light commercial vehicles (LCV) are the most popular tipper vans in the UK. The Transit chassis is superbly designed to accept a range of tipping bodies - including the version that Ford sell themselves as a ready-bodies tipper.

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Iveco Eurocargo Tipper Trailers (21)

The Eurocargo makes a great, lightweight 7.5 tonne tipper - although available above this weight range, they are rarer in the used truck marketplace.

These workhorses are typically used in council operations - perhaps fitted with a caged tipping body - or on builder's merchant work.
Used Iveco Eurocargo Tippers
So which is the model to buy in the UK's used truck marketplace? The most common is the 7.5 tonne 75E16 with 160hp - enough power for the job.  Where the truck is also required to tow, there are higher-powered alternatives - look for the 80E18 or the top powered 80E22 with 220hp...

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Volvo FM Tipper Trailers (30)

As far as the market for tipping trucks in the UK is concerned, the Volvo FM Tipper stands alongside Scania's P Series as the most common second hand tipper available in the used truck market.

Volvo Truck's reliability and the ruggedness of the base FM version means that many operators do not need to take advantage of the 'construction' version of the FM - the Volvo FMX.

Expect to see nearly all of the FM Tippers for sale at 320 tonnes GVW with 8x4 axle configuration and thee sweet spot of power output sitting around the 400hp mark.

Plenty of the older versions of the FM tipper will...

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Other Wheelbase Dropside Trailers Models