Scania G450 Beavertail Trucks for Sale (1)

This is the one everybody wants. Plenty of power, great image and reliability. The Scania G450 beavertail is the top of the tree as far as plant operators are concerned. The G450 cab is perfect – plenty of room, but not oversized with a short, but high cab it leaves plenty of room for the load bed and crane whilst still affording the driver some creature comforts when away from home. Suitable for drawbar operation with the engine output of 450hp, the Scania G450 beavertail is a perfect workhorse for moving plant and machinery.

G Series
2022 Scania G450 8x2 Beavertail and Trailer with Sleeper Cab & Winch, 44 Ton Train Weight, Fitted with Fassi F545RA Crane, 5 Legs, Beavertail Cheese Wedge Ramps & Twist Locks, Has done 70,000 miles with One Owner, Scania Maintained from new, The Trailer is a McCauley Beavertail Trailer 2022 Tri…
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