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With production from the end of 2021, the new top of the range truck from DAF has finally arrived. With a brand new cab design – the first for the XF-type range since the 1990s, the brand new XG range will has set some new standards for cab design. The relaxing of certain length rules means that DAF are the first out with the cab designed to meet these new criteria. That’s what makes the new XG range particularly exciting. DAF are continuing with their XF range, but, as with Scania and their ‘S’, DAF are introducing the premium XG and going one further with the XG+ range. There won’t be many used examples of the XG trucks for sale until towards the end of 2022 – but it will be about 2025 until we see these on the UK’s used truck market in any great numbers. Keep checking back to find any ex demonstrator DAF XG trucks for sale from the DAF dealers.

Tractor Unit - Standard
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New Generation DAF XG truck - Dimensions
New Generation DAF XG truck – Dimensions

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All-new Night Lock for New DAF XF & XG Trucks

The more protection for drivers, the better – that’s why the introduction of the DAF night lock for the company’s new range of trucks is a welcome feature. It looks discrete but is a simple but clever mechanical design where the driver can see that they are more protected. The Night Lock can be delivered on any new XF, XG and XG⁺ and is also available as a retrofit solution via all official DAF dealers. The new DAF Night Lock is perfectly integrated in the door panel of the new XF, XG and XG⁺ trucks. The mechanical lock makes use…

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New Generation DAF reaches 10,000 production milestone

Despite there being not too many visible up and down the roads of the UK yet, DAF tell us that they have built their 10,000th New Generation DAF truck. As the official production of the New Generation DAF XF, XG and XG⁺ series was only started last winter, this is quite an achievement for the new cab design - the first of its kind. The completely newly developed New Generation XF, XG and XG⁺ were awarded ‘International Truck of the Year 2022’ and crowned ‘Truck of the Year’ in several countries throughout Europe.   Up to 10% more fuel efficient…

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DAF Trucks tops 30% share again as market dominance continues

DAF Trucks has again topped 30% market share in the UK for trucks above 6.0-tonnes GVW. With a total of 31.1% in 2021, it is the third year in succession that DAF Trucks has exceeded 30% and is the company’s second highest ever share of the market after its 32% high-point in 2020. The impressive achievement also means DAF Trucks continues with 27 uninterrupted years of market leadership in the UK. DAF lead the way in seven of eight key segments including in two- and three-axle rigids, and two- and three-axle tractors. UK Truck Market 2021 Total UK registrations at…

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DAF Reveals New Distribution Trucks

The launch of DAF Trucks’ new, long distance range of trucks was big news – new cab dimensions and a launch when not much else was going on in the way of new truck launches thanks to the worldwide COVID lockdowns. The company is now ready to give us a sneak preview of their new distribution truck.  Not a replacement for the CF range yet, but this may only be a matter of time as the CF range has masses of variants that will take time to transfer over to the new truck design. No news on the name of…

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DAF Trucks’ 2021 Results

The UK market leader has performed well in 2021 – leading in an additional five countries in Europe.  That’s no mean feat considering the dominance of Iveco in Italy, the German Mercedes-Benz and MAN in Germany plus the Scandinavian Volvo and Scania in Northern Europe. The production of DAF trucks totalled 60,000 units, a clear reflection of the high demand for transport as a result of the strong recovery in the economy. The undoubted highlight for the company was the introduction of the New Generation DAF XF, XG and XG⁺. These models for long distance transport, resulted in a full…

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