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With production from the end of 2021, the new top of the range truck from DAF has finally arrived. With a brand new cab design – the first for the XF-type range since the 1990s, the brand new XG range will has set some new standards for cab design.

The relaxing of certain length rules means that DAF are the first out with the cab designed to meet these new criteria. That’s what makes the new XG range particularly exciting.

DAF are continuing with their XF range, but, as with Scania and their ‘S’, DAF are introducing the premium XG and going one further with the XG+ range.

Used DAF XG Trucks

There won’t be many used examples of the XG trucks for sale until towards the end of 2022 – but it will be about 2025 until we see these on the UK’s used truck market in any great numbers.

Keep checking back to find any ex demonstrator DAF XG trucks for sale from the DAF dealers.

The beautiful design of the New Generation DAF XGThe beautiful design of the New Generation DAF XG
Tractor Unit - Standard
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New Generation DAF XG truck - Dimensions
New Generation DAF XG truck – Dimensions

Latest DAF XG Trucks News

DAF Starts series production of New DAF XG

Last week saw the start of the series production of the new generation of trucks at DAF in Eindhoven. The official ‘Job One’ truck – a red XG+ with a 12.9 litre PACCAR MX-13 engine – was presented by John Jorritsma (Mayor of Eindhoven) and Harry Wolters (President of DAF) to André Verbeek, Managing Director and owner of Verbeek Agra Vision. DAF is the first truck manufacturer to introduce to the market a completely new generation of trucks that has been developed in line with the new European regulations for truck masses and dimensions.  A Unique Truck “DAF is not…

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Electrifying Trucks @ ITT Hub 2021

The first ‘Innovation and Technology in Transport’ show finally took place at the end of June at Farnborough airport. The show had been postponed thanks to Covid pandemic, but was well worth waiting for.  DAF used the show as their opportunity to get their new XG range of long distance cabs in front of the cameras and customers, whilst more truck makers attended than we can remember showing at the CV Show in a long time. The truck manufacturers stands were relatively low key – but so much the better for it – more informal and easy to wander around.…

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Why are DAF’s New XF & XG Trucks Big News?

To start with, any new cab in the heavy truck sector is big news as the life cycle of a truck cab is much longer than that of car, for example. The outgoing cab for the DAF XF originated back in the late 1980s. Sure it has had upgrades and new panels and extensions to the roof etc. but essentially the basic design remained the same. DAF may be a more extreme example of a long-lasting cab design, but the cabs made by most truck manufacturers last more than ten years. So, simply a new cab from DAF is big…

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Form an Orderly Queue – New Generation DAF XG orders take-off

Operators appear to be keen to get their hands on the first of the new super-sized cabbed DAF XG trucks.  Despite the higher list price of the new XG+ range, most of the truck buyers appear to be clamouring for the top of the range XG+ models In just a few weeks after its pan-European launch, DAF reports a UK network-wide surge of initial orders for its New Generation DAF range. The market-leader’s ‘Start the Future’ launch on 9th June was widely praised by the media and the wider transport community, with operators racing to become the first New Generation…

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New DAF XG is the DAF XF Successor

When a truck manufacturer brings out a new model, they are usually highly detailed in their description. Over the course of a few years this information starts to get put to one side and forgotten about as newer models take their place. As a used truck site, we feel that is important to keep this information available for many years to help the buyers of these trucks when they are in their second and third lives. So there's little point in editing down the information, for we need it to be comprehensive. So, take the superlatives as they were written…

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