Have you have been watching more TV than usual thanks to lockdown and all the restrictions to going to the pub?  Have you watched the whole of Netflix?

Rather than talk to the rest of your family, you could always consider Iveco’s new LIVE CHANNEL.  This is a central hub for videos relating to Iveco’s products and the wider world of transport.

The site is well put together and the videos stream well.  The content is engaging, as there has been plenty of thought in the layout and content – we especially appreciated the music video from 1978 with Madness parachuting from a plane in an Iveco Daily…

Why this is much better than a straightforward Youtube channel we cannot tell (except for the cool design).

Iveco Live Channel

Time will tell if Iveco are able to put enough content on the site to keep users returning.

Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President, said: “At IVECO we want to lead the way, also in the transition to digital solutions: the IVECO LIVE CHANNEL is a new virtual home for our Brand where we can meet and engage with our customers in a new way and enable them to discover the fascinating world of IVECO in an entertainment-style medium. This is not simply a tool for social distancing: it is really the future!”

“IVECO LIVE CHANNEL is a true web channel created to engage, inform, entertain and interact with our customers and the world of transport, added Maria Laura Iascone, IVECO Global Brand Marketing Director. “We approached it as a TV channel, with a broadcast schedule and an editorial plan that will be continuously renewed.”

The channel’s schedule will open access to IVECO’s entire video archive, organised in six categories:

•            DON’T STOP EMOTION: recordings and videos of the brand’s events and conventions;

•            DON’T STOP PLANET: videos about IVECO’s sustainability activities and initiatives;

•            DON’T STOP LEARNING: for educational videos, training and workshops;

•            DON’T STOP PRODUCT: for videos of IVECO’s products and services;

•            DON’T STOP CONFERENCE: for livestreaming and recordings of conferences, press events and interviews;

•            DON’T STOP STORIES: for revisiting IVECO’s rich heritage through historical videos.

The new channel will also provide the new platform where IVECO will migrate its digital training programmes for service technicians and salespeople, which relies on cutting-edge teaching and evaluation tools.

The IVECO LIVE CHANNEL is live, already offering an choice of videos to watch on demand: https://ivecolivechannel.com/