Richard Zink (l) & Marcus Kemp (r)
Richard Zink (L) & HTC Group’s Marcus Kemp (R)

Of course, every salesperson in the wold think that they are the best, if only it wasn’t for price/product/boss/system/commission (circle where applicable).

Marcus Kemp, Key Account Manager for DAF Dealer HTC can rightfully claim the moniker of best truck sales person. He has won first prize at DAF Trucks’ International Dealer Salesperson of the Year awards.

DAF Only Award

OK, so this is only for DAF salespeople and it was only across Europe but remember, DAF have been market leaders in the UK for the last 25 years and command some 30% of the overall UK new truck market.

Competing in the awards were salespeople from no fewer than 14 countries across Europe – including those from home market the Netherlands.

DAF Trucks NV Marketing & Sales Director, Richard Zink, said that the key to Kemp’s success was, “Because he maintains strong relationships with customers and colleagues achieving synergy through clear communication, flexible working and focusing on exceeding customer expectations, adding value to their businesses where at all possible.”

That seems a little over complicated – loosely translated it means he listens to his customers, works long hours and does what he says he will.

If you are wondering how many trucks you have to sell to be the best, then you’ll have to top Marcus’s 900 orders in 2019

Rather have a Caribbean Holiday?

For all of his hard work and in recognition of his success, there was no Caribbean holiday, instead Kemp received a trophy and an Apple Smartwatch. No expense spared from the DAF Trucks team!

“We’re really proud of Marcus,” said Russell Patmore, DAF Trucks Sales Director in the UK, “truck sales is an ultra-competitive world, especially here in the UK where we have high expectations for dealer performance. For Marcus to have sold 900 trucks in 2019, and to out-perform colleagues from across Europe, is a truly impressive achievement.”