How About 15% Fuel Savings?

DAF Trucks are pushing their used truck sales across Europe with a news release that talks about 15% fuel savings that can be made by upgrading to what they call the “new DAF Generation range”.

DAF have a ‘First Choice’ brand that they use to promote their used truck sales across Europe.  These trucks include a factory warranty, with a maximum of 400,000 kilometres.

“Experience has shown that many nearly-new truck buyers from the 2017 range previously drove a Euro 5 truck,” says Marty van den Dungen, Sales Director Used Trucks at DAF. “They are able to achieve savings on fuel of up to 15% quite easily.”

DAF First Choice Used Trucks
DAF are claiming a 15% fuel saving when upgrading from Euro 5 to a nearly new Euro 6 DAF

In addition to potential fuel savings, operators of these nearly new Euro 6 trucks will also be able to enter London’s ULEZ as well as other low emission zones.  If travelling on the continent, there are beneficial toll rates for Euro 6 trucks.

Even if an operator is already enjoying the benefits of a Euro 6 DAF, Van den Dungen says that fuel savings of up to 7% can still be made, according to a series of road tests carried out by magazines.  The newer trucks are typically lighter and have longer service intervals.

Buy a Used DAF Truck

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