There are lots of transport operators who buy used trucks.  They are typically those running small fleets of five vehicles or less.  Often, used truck buyers are those whose business is not operating trucks, but they need them to carry out their own business.  Take scaffolders or builders merchants as a couple of examples of this.

Used Renault Tractor Units
A Fleet of 33 Used Renault Range T Tractor Units join a Felixstowe Fleet

So, it is news when a container transport operator buys a fleet of 33 used trucks.  That is just what VKVP Haulage did. The company has chosen 65 plate 11 litre Renault Range T460 6×2 tractor units to add to its 40-strong fleet.  All the trucks will be employed on container work out of Felixstowe, London Gateway and Southampton docks.

Why Buy Renault Trucks?

Following the highly successful introduction of used Renault trucks into the fleet last year, VKVP Haulage’s Managing Director, Vladislav Pantelej explains why they opted for the Range T for their latest additions:

We bought six Renault trucks back in June 2019 and have been very impressed with both the vehicles and the service. Keeping our trucks moving is key and crucially we’ve found the service very straightforward, if there is a breakdown it enables us to get the vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

We particularly rate the quality aspect of the Used Trucks by Renault Trucks offering, which adheres to stringent manufacturer standard.  For peace of mind we know the origin, the age and mileage of the trucks, the 200-points inspection review on each vehicle and the fact that they’ve been fully refurbished with genuine Renault Trucks parts.

The Trucks

The Range T’s are fitted with the Optidriver gearbox AT2412E with 12 forward and 3 reverse gears, providing a maximum torque of 2400 Nm. By selecting the right gear at the right time suited to speed and driving style, it gives improved mobility and driver comfort, as Vladislav notes: “The gearbox is an outstanding highlight with quick and smooth gear selection and the clutch is controlled automatically, dispensing with the need for a pedal.  All of this makes the trucks very user friendly and comfortable and why our drivers have given them their seal of approval.”

Lee Parnell, Retail Sales Executive, Used Vehicles at Renault Trucks did the deal, and all the vehicles are all maintained by Renault Trucks Commercials in Felixstowe.

Vladislav concludes:

The customer service is unbelievable, they are very nice guys, very easy to deal with and super helpful in resolving any issues we may encounter. We are really busy and have been so impressed that we are looking to add more Range T’s to the fleet in the coming year.