DAF Trucks for Sale (944)

As runaway UK market leader you would expect there to be tonnes of used DAF trucks for sale at Truckpages – and you’d be right.

With over 30% of the new truck market for over a decade, DAF trucks have become a firm favourite with UK truck operators. It is unlikely that any manufacturer gets to this level of dominance without a good product plus great dealer backup and support.

You can find a DAF truck for every duty cycle as they cover the whole range from a 7.5 tonne LF to a heavy haulage XF or XG tractor unit at 150 tonnes.

Used DAF Trucks

Perhaps what appeals most to truck operators is that all the right hand drive DAF trucks for sale in the UK are assembled in the UK in Leyland, Lancashire.

Used DAF Truck for SaleTypical Used DAF Truck for Sale - Here a DAF LF260 Curtainsider
Lot No: 115 4x2 - 8.8M - Bakery - Box MoT: 2022-02-28T00:00:00 .VAT on Hammer: Y. An Additional Buyers Fee of �100 + VAT Applies to this Lot PE10XBG
For Auction at Protruck, Belton, Doncaster on 2022-02-02
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Tractor Unit - Standard
Lot No: 16 6x2 - Midlift - Unit, - Tip - Gear - **IRISH - REG - DOCS - HERE** .VAT on Hammer: Y. 08MO4071
For Auction at Protruck, Belton, Doncaster on 2022-02-02
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2016 (16) DAF LF-150, Euro 6, Manual Gearbox, Fitted 20ft GRP Boxvan Body, rear Shutter Door, Column Tailift, Factory Fitted Immobiliser, Digital Tacho, CD Player, On-Board Computer, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Roof Deflector, One Owner, Excellent Condition,...
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2012 DAF LF55.220 Johnston VT650 dual sweep road sweeper with gully arm, high pressure wash, power lance, reversing camera, direct from council 89K KM
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2016 (16) DAF LF180, 21ft5" GRP Box Body, Rear Shutter Door, Column Tailift, Roof Deflector, Manual Gearbox, Euro6, (AEBS) Automatic Emergency Braking System, (LDWS) Lane Departure Warning System, AX-Tec On -Board Axle Load Indicator, Four Way Reverse Camera System, Factory Fitted Immobilisor,...
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For Auction at the Euro Auctions sale 2022-01-26. This item will go under the hammer on .
2013 DAF 55-250 4x2 Drop Side Tipper Lorry, Automatic Gearbox, A/C (Reg. Docs. & Plating Certificate Available) - FL13 ZDY - XLRTE55GF0L426378
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2011 daf cf 65 250 4x2 on air 18 ton 27ft curtainsider with barn doors
Tail lift can be fitted

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More DAF Trucks Info

DAF Model Quick Summary

  • LF from 7.5 to 18 tonnes
  • CF from 18 tonnes to 44 tonnes (smaller cab)
  • XF from 26 tonnes to 150 tonnes (larger cab)

Why Buy a DAF Truck?

The most important part of the mix is the truck itself.  DAF spend their R&D money wisely – they have not thrown money away on developing brand new cabs – they are essentially just square boxes.  The XF cab, for

example originates back in 1987!

What they do is work on realistic improvements to their driveline and aerodynamics.  They are rarely first to market with a brand-new invention, but when they bring new technology on board, operators can be confident that it will work.

Who Owns DAF Trucks?

DAF is owned by American Fortune 200 corporation, PACCAR.  They sell plenty of trucks under their other brands worldwide as well, including Kenworth and Peterbilt.

This is a company that has NEVER made a loss in 80 year trading history and has brought DAF back from near extinction in the late 1990’s to become a European truck manufacturing powerhouse.

Brief DAF History

DAF is a Dutch company, founded back in 1928 and has made buses, cars and trucks over the years.  There were plenty of ups and downs, but after the low point of bankruptcy in 1996 after a failed run with the UK’s Leyland (remember Leyland DAF trucks?).

Since this time, the business has thrived with a straightforward range of three cabs, but thousands of variants – lengths, weights, axle configurations and driveline choices.

Even during the 2020 Covid pandemic the company managed to increase market share in the UK.

DAF Trucks Model Overview


DAF’s lightweight truck from 7.5 tonnes to 18 tonnes GVW.  The smaller models can be driven on a car licence (if the driver is old enough to have Granddad’s rights…) The LF shares a cab with the Renault Midlum/ Range D – in fact, the DAF LF cab is made in the Renault factory in France.  Assembly takes place in Leyland in the UK for our right hand drive models.

Older pre-Euro 6 models in the LF range had an extra set of numbers in the model, so a 7.5 tonne LF prior to 2014 would have been called an LF45.180 instead of simply LF180 as they are today.

In addition to the LF45 there was the LF55 which used the same cab, but the larger engine and went from over 12 tonnes to 18 tonnes GVW. Read more about the LF and its variants on the DAF LF Pages.


The mid-range cab which is used mainly for local distribution but can also be configured as a sleeper cabbed tractor unit with a high roof for distance haulage.  The CF is a favourite with tipper operators thanks to the reliability and payloads that are available when configured as an eight wheeler.

Prior to the introduction of the Euro 6 range in 2014, the CF had additional numbers in the model (an easy way to tell if the truck you are looking at meets the Euro 6 standard). Prior to 2014 you would be buying a CF65.220 instead of a CF220.  There were also CF75 and CF85 variants.  These extra numbers originally determined the engine sizes, but with the simplification of the ranges of engines, this has no longer become necessary.


The largest truck cab in the DAF range – usually seen on UK roads in tractor unit guise, the XF cab originally started out in the DAF 95 back in the 1990’s – although you would never realise it from the modern look of today’s 44-tonne tractor units.

As with the smaller cabbed models, the XF had a name change for the Euro 6 (new shape) versions in 2014.  Prior to this, the XF105 was the main model number – giving you an XF105.460 that was replaced by a more simple XF460.

The XF now has a choice of Space cab and Super Space cab (high roof sleeper version). You can read more about these models on our dedicated DAF XF pages.

A brand new cab for the XF in 2021 and new driveline as a major upgrade. This puts the XF behind the new XG in the model range.


Launched in the UK towards the end of 2021 the XG uses the new ‘large’ cab that replaces the ageing XF (pre-2021 model). DAF were the first manufacturer to take advantage of the regulation changes governing overall vehicle length. As a result, the new XG cab is much larger than any available on the market at the time.

Launched with changes to the drivetrain and an optional mirror camera system, the XG was pricier than the XF that it superseded.


The XG+ (or XG Plus) is the top of the range version of the XG and has a larger still cab. All driveline choices are the same as the XG – it is simply a bigger cab.

How did DAF get on in Lockdown Year 2020?

Here’s DAF’s corporate video for 2020 highlighting the challenges and the successes.

Explaining the DAF Axle Configuration Naming

Have you ever wondered why you can have a FAT, FAG, FAR, FAN, FAX and FAT DAF truck? In addition to the model groups, such as the LF, CF and XF, DAF have a naming convention for the axle configuration.

It’s not all as straightforward as just a 6×2.  How do we know where the extra axle is? Does this axle steer? Below is the handy guide with images produced by DAF to explain the differences.

DAF Rigid Chassis Axle Configuration Naming

DAF Trucks Rigid Truck Configurations
Image: DAF Trucks


Can’t be easier – that’s a standard 4×2 rigid – available across the whole range from LF to XF.


Now it’s getting trickier – a 6×2 with a non-steering rear non-drive axle with single wheels. Available across the whole CF & XF ranges.


Here’s a mouthful – a 6×2 with a non-steering rear non-drive axle with double wheels at the rear. Available across the whole CF & XF ranges.


Still on the 6×2 but with a mid-mounted steering, non-drive axle with single wheels. Only available on the MX-11 versions of the CF range.


This is a 6×2 with a rear-mounted steering single axle, single wheels. Available across the whole CF & XF ranges.


The FAT boy is a traditional 6×4 double drive.  That’s easy. Available on the larger-engined CF and all XF trucks.


The FAK is an 8×2 in ‘Tridem’ configuration with three rear axles with the middle one of the three driven, the rear one non-steering with double wheels and the front one a single steering axle.


Not so frequently asked – another 8×2 ‘Tridem’. This time a central driven axle surrounded by two steering, single wheel axles. Only available on CF range with the MX-11 and MX-13 engines.


More traditional now – an 8×2 with two forward steering axles – at the rear a driven axle followed by a non-steering twin wheel non-drive axle.


The last of the 8×2 – again two forward steering axles – at the rear a drive axle followed by a steering, single wheel axle. Only available on CF range with the MX-11 and MX-13 engines.


The only 8×4 format – old school with two front steering axles and two rear drive axles. Available on the larger-engined CF and all XF trucks.

DAF Tractor Unit Axle Configuration Naming

DAF Tractor Unit Axle naming convention diagram
Image: DAF Trucks

Whilst the DAF rigids all start with FA – the tractor units all start with FT (Forward control Tractor unit).

There are fewer options but can still get tricky!


Just a straightforward 4×2 – available across the range from LF to XF


This is a 6×2 midlift, but the mid axle is smaller and does not steer. Available on CF and XF ranges.


A 6×2 rear lift with a standard sized, non steering rear axle. Available on CF and XF ranges.


A 10-tyre 6×2 two sets of double wheels with the first set driven. Available on CF and XF ranges.


Probably the most common of all, a 6×2 tractor unit with midlift steering axle. Available on CF and XF ranges.


A 6×2 tractor unit with a steering rear axle with single wheels. Available on CF and XF ranges.


A straightforward 6×4 double drive tractor unit. Available on CF and XF ranges.


The big guns.  An 8×4 tractor unit with a Tridem configuration, rear two axles both driving and first axle a single, steering one.

Latest DAF Trucks News

Electric Trucks are on the Way – DAF now Training Technicians

It seems that electric trucks are not just future pie in the sky, market leader, DAF Trucks has started to roll out training for electrical vehicles across their network of dealers. They are waiting for deliveries of right-hand-drive LF Electric and CF Electric vehicles for UK customers in the coming weeks. The training is being delivered at the DAF Academy based at DAF Trucks’ UK head office in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire. It forms part of a comprehensive programme of activities to prepare the DAF Dealer network for the uptake of EVs, with significant investment going into tooling and charging infrastructure, as…

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Free Cuppa & Cheesy Video from DAF over Christmas

To thank drivers of all brands of trucks, UK market leader, DAF Trucks is funding their ‘Free Cuppa’ campaign for the third time. This is not only to thank the drivers, but also to remind the general public of the crucial role that trucks play in keeping our country running smoothly.  In our post (?) COVID world, everyone is more appreciative of trucks and truck drivers, but reinforcing the message keeps the momentum going. Plenty of Christmas Cheese on YouTube At the same time, the DAF Trucks Christmas Choir – a collective of employees from DAF Trucks, the DAF Dealer…

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Half a Million DAF Trucks – UK Built

If you think that we don’t make trucks in this country, think again.  The US, PACCAR-owned Leyland Trucks is churning out every DAF truck in the range at a pace. So much so that the Lancashire-based manufacturer has celebrated the production of its 500,000th vehicle. The half million milestone truck – a 16-tonne GVW DAF LF 210 – was handed over to customer, Minoli, at a special production line ceremony on 2nd December. The DAF LF 210 is the first of four new trucks for Minoli – a leading importer and distributor of Italian porcelain tiles. Two of the vehicles…

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No Surprise Here – DAF XG Wins International Truck of the Year 2022

Unsurprisingly, DAF’s replacement for the ageing XF range has been crowned ‘International Truck of the Year 2022’.  As the first of a totally new design of truck cab, it would have been odd had the jury seriously contemplated an alternative. “The XF, XG and XG⁺ set a new industry benchmark in efficiency, safety and driver comfort”, the jury stated after an extensive series of tests. The award was handed over at the Solutrans truck & transport exhibition in Lyon, France. DAF was also honoured the ‘2022 Truck Innovation Award’ for its XF Innovation Truck with a hydrogen combustion engine. Based…

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DAF Starts series production of New DAF XG

Last week saw the start of the series production of the new generation of trucks at DAF in Eindhoven. The official ‘Job One’ truck – a red XG+ with a 12.9 litre PACCAR MX-13 engine – was presented by John Jorritsma (Mayor of Eindhoven) and Harry Wolters (President of DAF) to André Verbeek, Managing Director and owner of Verbeek Agra Vision. DAF is the first truck manufacturer to introduce to the market a completely new generation of trucks that has been developed in line with the new European regulations for truck masses and dimensions.  A Unique Truck “DAF is not…

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Most Popular DAF Trucks Models

DAF CF Trucks (136)

The new shape Euro 6 DAF CF is the middleweight truck in DAF's three-strong truck range.  The CF has gross vehicle weights starting at 18 tonnes and going right up to 32 tonnes for the eight wheel operation and 44 tonnes as a 6x2 tractor unit.

On these pages you will find details of the new shape CF trucks launched in the UK for 2014 onwards.  Buyers of older models should be looking at the older naming convention - there were CF 65, CF75 and CF85 trucks prior to 2014 - all of which running at Euro 5 or below.
Used DAF CF Trucks
Since 2007, truck operators can buy ready-bodied DAF CF...

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DAF CF65 Trucks (52)

The CF65 was DAF’s smallest middleweight truck operating in the 18 tonnes GVW range as a 4x2 rigid.

Launched back in 1998 the truck was originally branded the 65CF and was part of a range overhaul at the time.  Prior to this there was the 75 and 85 series which were replaced by the 65CF, 75CF and the 85CF.  The numbering was not related to power output or swept engine volume – suggestions on a postcard please.

The back to front numbering only lasted a couple of years as the 2000 facelift saw the CF65 arrive. In 2006 the Euro 4 version of the CF65 was launched – the most popular...

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DAF CF75 Trucks (85)

The CF75 sat in the middle of DAF’s CF middleweight truck range operating at 26 tonnes GVW as a 6x2 rigid primarily.  Launched back in 1998 the truck was originally branded the 75CF and was part of a range overhaul at the time.

Prior to this there was the 75 and 85 series which were replaced by the 65CF, 75CF and the 85CF.  The numbering was not related to power output or swept engine volume – suggestions on a postcard please.

The back to front numbering only lasted a couple of years as the 2000 facelift saw the CF75 arrive. In 2006 the Euro 4 version of the CF75 was launched –...

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DAF CF85 Trucks (78)

The CF85 was DAF’s heavy-duty truck using the middleweight CF cab.  These trucks would typically be 8x4 tippers or hookloaders or configured as tractor units for high payload, local distance operation – think tankers etc. as the cabs are lighter than the long-distance DAF XF cabs.

The CF85 was available with a Space cab option, so longer distances were a possibility, as the truck shared many of the major components with the top-end DAF XF.
Used DAF CF85 Trucks
Most CF85 trucks on the used market are tractor units - especially the 460hp CF85.460 model variant which outnumbers the...

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DAF GS Trucks (2)

The DAF GS (more accurately the Leyland DAF GS) was supplied to the UK military from 1990 until they were retired in 2014 - although there are still some in operation today.

The 4x4 truck is usually configured as a dropside - for carrying loads as well as personnel. Often configured with a crew cab, the trucks shared much of their underpinnings with the DAF 45 series (later becoming the LF45 series).

Often referred to as the 4-tonne truck, the GS stands for General Service the replacements were the much larger MAN HX60 trucks.
Used Leyland DAF GS 4-Tonne Trucks
There are relatively...

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DAF LF Trucks (243)

The DAF LF range of trucks is the smallest truck made by DAF.  Available in the UK from 7.5 tonnes to 12 tonnes GVW.  Operators love to buy these trucks as they are reliable, there are plenty of them (DAF have been UK market leaders for well over a decade) and the dealer support is excellent nationwide.
Used DAF LF Trucks
There is always a great selection of used DAF LF 7.5 tonners for sale here at Truckpages - it is the Ford Focus of the truck world no one aspires to have one, but they are pleased when they do.  The LF makes a great box van or curtainsider for local distribution and is...

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DAF LF45 Trucks (93)

The DAF LF45 was the smallest truck in the DAF range and was discontinued at the end of 2013 when the new model naming convention came into play.  The truck still exists with the same cab, albeit with modernised panels and Euro 6 engines.

If you need a Euro 6 truck for entering the Low Emission Zones, then you should be looking at the Euro 6 DAF LF trucks for sale - if not, and your budget is not huge, then an LF45 will definitely still do the job.
Used DAF LF45 Trucks
The truck was mainly sold in the UK as a 7.5 tonner - the driver licence rules meant that anything heavier meant that...

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DAF LF55 Trucks (135)

The DAF LF55 is used further up the weight range than the LF45 with which it shares a cab.  Typically operative up to 18 tonnes GVW, the LF55 has a 6-cylinder engine instead of the LF45's 4-pot, (Although the LF45 can be specified with the 6-cylinder if needed).
Used DAF LF55 Trucks
The LF55 was discontinued at the end of 2013 when the new model naming convention came into play.  The truck still exists with the same cab, albeit with modernised panels and Euro 6 engines.

If you need a Euro 6 truck for entering the Low Emission Zones, then you should be looking at the Euro 6 DAF LF...

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DAF XF Trucks (38)

The DAF XF range has been a best seller throughout Europe since its original inception as the 95 way back in 1987.

The new shape right-hand drive Euro 6 XFs that we buy in the UK are all assembled here at DAF’s assembly plant at Leyland.  As DAF are UK market leader, you can be sure that when you buy a used new shape DAF XF there will be plenty of available parts from a well-organised dealer network.

The trucks themselves are put together using proven components and, as you would expect, the levels of comfort, noise and gadgets have increased over the years as new models are...

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DAF XF105 Trucks (55)

The DAF XF105 is DAF Trucks' heavyweight offering.  Available from 18 to 44 tonnes GVW it was launched in 2005 in time for the Euro 4 standards.

It replaced the XF95 with which it shares the same basic cab structure - a design originally launched in 1987.

The XF105 production lasted until the end of 2013 when it was replaced by the Euro 6 version - simply called the XF.

DAF dropped the '105'- type numbering from the model and concentrated purely on the horsepower of the truck (like many other manufacturers at the time).  The new XF models are simply XF460 for example.
Used DAF...

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DAF XF95 Trucks (5)

The XF95 is now a little long in the tooth for UK operation. It was launched as the 95 Series in 1987 and finally discontinued in 2005 with the launch of the XF95 - which itself has been replaced by the XF Series.

There are plenty of truck buyers who would like an XF95, especially the Super Space Cab version that was available with a 14-litre Cummins back in 1994.

These trucks are a minimum of fifteen years old so will be appearing at shows and in museums only...

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DAF XG Trucks (1)

With production from the end of 2021, the new top of the range truck from DAF has finally arrived. With a brand new cab design - the first for the XF-type range since the 1990s, the brand new XG range will has set some new standards for cab design.

The relaxing of certain length rules means that DAF are the first out with the cab designed to meet these new criteria. That's what makes the new XG range particularly exciting.

DAF are continuing with their XF range, but, as with Scania and their 'S', DAF are introducing the premium XG and going one further with the XG+ range.
Used DAF XG...

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Other DAF Trucks Models