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In a series of features, we give you, the truck buyer, detailed advice on avoiding the pitfalls of buying a used truck, whether directly from an operator, via a dealer or even through an auction.
Are you DVS Compliant for Phase 2 in 2024?
If you operate a truck over 12 tonnes GVW in London, you will already be familiar with the Direct Vision Standards (DVS) that have...
Who Owns Who in the Truck World?
The automotive industry in general is constantly involved in buying and selling competing businesses. This is absolutely the case in the worldwide truck manufacturing...
Should I Buy a 7.5 or 12 Tonne Truck?
This is exactly the decision that faces many own account operators who are venturing into operating a truck for the first time will ask....
Second Consecutive Year of Growth in Truck Sales The headline SMMT figures for the full year of 2023 show the excellent news that truck...
First Used Electric Truck for Sale at Truckpages – Should you Buy It?
We hear about new landmarks in the world of electric trucks all of the time; the first electric tractor unit in East Anglia, the...
How to Get your Grant for Buying an Electric Truck
It hasn’t been desperately well advertised, but the Government is giving operators who buy an approved electric truck thousands of pounds to offset the...
That Was the Truck Year that Was – 2023
Now that 2023 is over, we take a look back to see the developments that have taken place in the truck world in this...
View Full 2023 Year Truck Sales Figures Here Further Good News – Truck Market Growth Continues Looking at the new truck registration statistics from...
What is the Ideal Box Truck Length?
If you are a relative newcomer to operating a truck – perhaps you have been running smaller vans and are looking to make the...
Used Truck Dealers – Are You Ready for Electric Trucks?
Time really does fly by when you are having fun. Now, let’s face it, what could possibly be more fun than being a used...
Help to Buy a Truck at Auction
There are two reasons that you may be considering buying a truck from an auction as opposed to one of the hundreds of used...
Should I Buy a High Mileage Truck?
We’ve always been told to avoid higher mileage cars, but is the same true for trucks? The simple answer is no, just because a...

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How do I advertise my truck for sale?

It is both easy and free to advertise a single truck for sale on the Truckpages Website. Simply open an account, upload the details including images and the vehicle will be sent for moderation. Once approved, your truck will be online. This is a one-time offer and not for multiple trucks.

I have lots of trucks to advertise – how?

We have tried to make this as straightforward as possible, firstly, drop us a line – email or phone on 01733 602376 and we will discuss prices – you’ll ve surprised how reasonable the rates are. Our experienced representatives will talk you through the options to automate your vehicle stock uploads. If your website is up to date then we can usually spider it to copy the inventory details every day. This means that your stock is always up to date on Truck Pages with almost no work required by you or your team.

How will a buyer interested in my vehicle contact me?

You can choose to enter a telephone number, a WhatsApp number, Facebook Messenger handle and an email address. Your email address is not published and your telephone number and other details are hidden from view of malicious robots. Genuine buyers will contact you directly to buy your commercial vehicle. Truck Pages does not act as middle man, we simply advertise your trucks for you.

What types of commercial vehicles can I advertise?

As the name would suggest, Truck Pages specialises in advertising used trucks over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. However, we also list hundreds of semi-trailers for sale, as a tractor unit with no trailer is just a very heavy car!
In addition we list lighter commercial vehicles, from your Transit van to your pick up truck and everything in between. These vans tend to be the more unusual specifications – longer bodies, examples with tail lifts or specialist equipment, for example.

Can I list plant & agricultural machinery for sale?

Not on Truck Pages, BUT we have a dedicated plant equipment site where you can list a huge variety of machinery from an access platform to a wheel loader and everything else in between. If you are interested in farm machinery, then we also have which is packed with used tractors and other farm machinery for sale.