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The crane trucks for sale at Truckpages are often highly specialist pieces of equipment – often the cranes fitted to the trucks are more valuable than the trucks themselves!

As a specialist truck website, Truckpages helps users search for these specialist trucks.  There is a crane truck category to search plus you can filter more detail regarding the location of the crane on the truck- front, mid or rear mounted.

Used Crane Trucks

In the UK, the vast majority of the cranes we use are of the knuckle-boom variety.  However, no two crane trucks are the same – if you are a builder’s merchant and need to unload bags of sand and a variety of building materials, your crane is likely to look significantly different to one used for loading heavy machinery.

Popular brands of cranes used are Hiab, Fassi and HMF in the UK.

Crane Trucks for SaleTypical Used Volvo Crane Truck for Sale - here a Volvo FM 8x2 Euro 6 Cheesewedge
DAF LF 180 2014 (64) Euro 6, 14 Ton Builders Merchants Truck, Pole Carrying Body, 22' Triple Dropside, HMF 1120 Remote Controlled Crane, 3 Extensions, Stand Up Controls, Camera, Manual Gearbox, Upright Exhaust, Roof Beacons, Tool Boxes, Front And Rear LED Working Lights, Alert Plus, Steering Wheel...
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2005 Iveco 150e21 262,000 km triple drop side body re-mounted crane palfinger 8500 crane pipe for grab mot
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2012 daf lf 55 220 4x2 18 ton 24ft dropside flat with 11tm hmf crane

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2010 [10 plate] Iveco 180e25, 4x2 ,18 ton, 250 horse power, 6 speed manual gearbox, day cab, 3 seats, 196000km, 1 owner, 22ft steel dropside flat with atlas 19 tm remote control crane with remote control barrier post driver , hydralic legs, front and rear pole racks, air compressor with air line...
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Euro 5 6x2 Rear Lift Dropsided Flat With HMF 1420 Crane & 9 Ton Front Axle !!
Day Cab - 16 Speed Manual Gearbox - Climate Control - Heated Drivers Seat - 4.6m Wheel Base - 26/44 Ton Drawbar Spec - 9 Ton Front Axle - Fitted 21ft 11" Long Wisadeck Flatbed with Triple Aluminium Dropsides - HMF 1420...
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8x4, Nice Clean Truck, Comes With 2012 Fassi F170 Rear Mounted Crane, Block Grab Available, Choice Of Hino 700's Complete & For Spares In Stock.

World Wide Export Available
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For Auction at CVA Carr Hill Industrial Estate, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 8DE on 2022-02-08
Lot No: 3096 *DONCASTER* DRAWBAR RIG, SLEEPERCAB, HIAB 144 DXL REAR MOUNT CRANE, REAR-LIFT STEER, ALLOY WHEELS MoT: 2022-06-30* Price is Plus VAT * * No. of former keepers: 2 Weekly auctions...
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2012 iveco stralis 310 6x2 26 ton 24ft dropside flat with 14tm crnae with brick grab
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More Crane Info

The size of these lorry-mounted cranes will differ hugely.  We will go into more detail below about the size of cranes and their lifting capacities, but consider the actual scale – some of the top sized knuckle boom cranes fitted to the top machinery movers would max out the payload of a 7.5 tonne truck several times over!

Buying a Used Crane Truck

Buying any second-hand truck is a complex task at any level.  When buying a crane truck you are adding an extra level of complexity as you will be buying two machines at the same time.  Not only has the truck got to be the right brand, quality and size, so too has the crane mounted to the vehicle.  Everything should be in working order and, like the truck, the crane should come with its own inspection certificate. Loler inspections are vital for equipment of this nature and an uninspected crane should not be put to work.

It is for all these reasons that crane trucks demand high prices in the used market.  If a truck buyer is looking for a particular brand of truck with a specific capacity crane with a suitable configuration and a dealer has it, price sensitivity becomes less of an issue.  The alternatives are buying new and waiting for the chassis to be delivered, followed by body building and finally the fitment of the crane.

You see there are used truck dealers who tend to specialise in these types of trucks.

Check out Macs Trucks and you will see that they not only sell used crane trucks, but also fit new cranes to new trucks to hold in stock to help operators who need a new crane truck now.

Whilst the type of crane trucks for sale at Macs Truck Sales tend to be on the heavy side – 8×2 rigids or 6×4 tractor units with cranes, Cromwell Truck Sales operates at the other end of the weight range. If you are looking to buy a 7.5 tonne truck with a crane then they stock plenty of these – both as tippers and dropsides.

Types of Crane Trucks

You will often see a crane mounted to the rear of a flatbed truck- these are for general purpose haulage use.  They become more specialist when fitted to a beavertail truck – these vehicles will usually collect plant and machinery.  If it can’t be driven or winched up the beavertail’s ramp then the crane will spring into action.

A common sight on the UK’s roads are tipping trucks fitted with cranes.  These will usually have a grab attachment on the crane and are therefore more commonly known as ‘grab loader’ trucks.  There is always a good selection of grab loader trucks for sale at Truckpages.

Brick carrier trucks are even more specialist.  These trucks stand out thanks to their brick grab attachments that hydraulically squeeze the block of bricks to move them.

Rear mounted Hiab 122 crane with stand up controls
Rear mounted Hiab 122 Brick Carrier crane with stand up controls

Truck Crane Mounting Positions

Not only is the mounting location important for collection and delivery operations, it is vital to ensure the correct distribution of payload on the vehicle itself.  Put a huge crane on the front of a 6×2 truck and expect the front axle not to be overloaded when carrying a load and you may be disappointed.

These trucks are expensive- before making any truck buying decision, speak to a specialist in this area.  When buying used, try and get the truck on a weighbridge – loaded if possible, to ensure that you are not breaking any loading rules.

Typically, specialist brick carrying trucks will have their lorry-mounted cranes sitting in the middle or the rear of the truck – especially if running in drawbar configuration.

Truck Crane Control Positions

An operator may need remote control for the operation of the crane.  It is important to get this area of truck mounted crane operation right.  Manually controlled cranes are much more simple and cheaper to buy and run, but where safety is of paramount importance with large loads or awkward delivery locations, a remote-control truck crane is a must.  The crane operators can distance themselves from the moving load or, where necessary, can get right up close to make sure they have pinpoint accuracy.

Crane Capacities

The rating of the crane will depend on two criteria – obviously the weight of the loads to be lifted is vital, but so is the distance over which the load must travel away from the centre of the crane.  It is relatively easy to lift a heavy weight with a short boom.  The longer the boom, the higher the rating of the crane.

The measurement that is important therefore is the ‘tonne-metre’ – the weight that can be lifted at a distance of one metre from the centre of the crane.  So a 30 tonne-metre crane lifting something three metres away can ‘only’ lift 10 tonnes. The problem arises that the greater the distances, the larger and beefier the crane needs to be – therefore heavier.  This reduces the payload of the truck considerably.  Often the crane can lift much more than the truck is allowed to carry.

Many crane manufacturers have different boom configurations.  The most familiar is the knuckle boom crane where the second boom folds away by the column.  Sometimes the first boom will be longer – or other designs make it possible to park the crane in a transport position.

Crane Attachments

From a simple hook to complicated rotating grabs and buckets, there is a bewildering range of crane attachments available from all the major manufacturers.  Check with the used dealer exactly which attachments are included in the sale of the vehicle – they may have some others that could be of interest to you as well – try and broker a deal!

Cranes on Trailers

Even more specialist, but we see plenty of trailers with cranes fitted.  These are usually brick carrying trailers, but some specialist kit is available that will load containers on and off the trailer – using a crane at the front and the rear of the trailer simultaneously.

Palfinger’s Heavy Duty Truck Cranes

Latest Crane News

Word of Mouth Creates Scania Convert

As recently as 2018 Shayn Winsor, owner and Managing Director of Wymondham-based plant and equipment mover, Valley Services, attended an industry event with a number of local hauliers.  At the time, there were no Scania trucks at all in Shayn's fleet.  A conversation with a fellow operator who had just purchased two would change all that: "He said to me, you need to try them – they're awesome!" says Shayn.  "I listened and was impressed by what he told me – he was sold on them and very enthusiastic.  So when I got home, I called the sales manager at…

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Auction Results – Brian Doogue Haulage UK Sale @ Euro Auctions

At the recent December auction Brian Doogue Haulage Ltd disposed of its entire UK fleet of trucks and cranes to Euro Auctions at the Leeds sale between 1st and 3rd December 2021 The decision to dispose of the fleet was made following the closure of the M1 Smart Motorway project, which Brian Doogue had been contracting to. During this time Brian Doogue had amassed a large fleet of highly specialised vehicles able to carry out varied works aligned to this project. With the Highways Agency effectively postponing further Smart Motorway schemes, the decision was made to dispose of the UK…

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New DAF CF480 Tridem for Tight Spots

If you need the manoeuvrability of a 6x2 but with a 32 tonne gross vehicle weight then take a leaf out of timber and builders’ merchant, North West Timber Treatments (NWTT) and consider the specification of an 8x2 with a ‘Tridem’ configuration instead of the more common two axles at the front and two at the rear. Additional equipment fitted to the truck includes Hiab crane and a specialist body designed and fitted by Forshaw Engineering. The vehicle was supplied by local DAF Dealer, Lancashire DAF. New truck fitted with Hiab crane and purpose-designed body from Forshaw Engineering The new…

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Volvo Trucks Making Inroads into Family Fleet

Family-owned Warton Freight Services has marked 30 years in the haulage industry by putting a new Volvo FH 8x2 rigid onto the road, equipped with a 70-tonne/metre Fassi crane. The West Thurrock-based business has traditionally operated with vehicles from two rival manufacturers. However, it opted for Volvo for this flagship order after monitoring the performance of six seed Volvos integrated into its 58-strong fleet during the last two years. Steve Barclay, Director at Warton Freight Services, says: “We’d heard good things about Volvo and we wanted to see how they would perform. I was invited for a visit to the…

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Brand Change to Volvo FL For Sole Truck

If you only run one truck and only replace it every twelve years, it is a significant event when it’s time to buy a new one. The 18-tonne vehicle has gone into service to help the firm keep up with growing demand in the busy building trade. So totally changing brand to one never tried before was a big move for Bradford-based Russell Stone Merchants.  They have just has taken delivery of their first ever Volvo truck, replacing a rival manufacturer with a new crane-equipped 4x2 Volvo FL rigid. The 18-tonne vehicle has gone into service to help the firm…

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What is the Best Make of Crane Truck?

(Updated January 2022)

There is usually no straightforward answer to this question, for example, some manufacturers may make excellent Crane trucks at the top of the weight range, but their lighter weight models are less well thought of - perhaps they are too heavy or not engineered correctly for the duty cycle.

Remember too, that there are only seven or eight major truck manufacturers that market their trucks in the UK. DAF Trucks are the outright market leader, so you would usually expect them to top this poll for all categories. However, this is not always the case.

So how can we help to decide the best manufacturer of Crane trucks for the UK market? Using the amount of information we hold at Truckpages regarding the popularity of the trucks, looking at the most popular trucks for each body type would usually show us the best Crane trucks for the average operation. With this in mind we can definitely answer the question:

Who makes the most popular Crane truck on the used market in January 2022?

In first place comes DAF with a great range of DAF Crane trucks with 59 examples currently advertised on Truckpages.

To look at DAF's approach to the market, it's worth taking a look at their used tipper trucks are broken down by individual model groupings - to check the models out, click on the link to browse further.

Model Groups for DAF Crane Trucks

Second place sees the Iveco Crane appear on the podium with a choice of 19 currently availble at Truckpages as of January 2022.

The last podium place goes to the MAN Crane with 17 examples currently advertised for sale at Truckpages as of January 2022.

The Winner! It's the DAF Crane

DAF is The Most Popular Crane Manufacturer in the UK Typical Used DAF Crane Truck - Here a CF20 6x2 Rear lift with Rear Mounted Hiab Crane

And in second place - It's the Iveco Crane

Second Most Popular Crane Manufacturer in the UK Typical Used Iveco Crane Truck for Sale - Here a 7.5 tonne Eurocargo 75E19 with Remote Control Brick Grab Crane