DAF LF 7.5 to 19 tonnes GVW (to end 2023)

DAF’s lightweight truck from 7.5 tonnes to 18 tonnes GVW.  The smaller models can be driven on a car licence (if the driver is old enough to have Granddad’s rights…) The LF shares a cab with the Renault Midlum/ Range D – in fact, the DAF LF cab is made in the Renault factory in France.  Assembly takes place in Leyland in the UK for our right hand drive models.

Older pre-Euro 6 models in the LF range had an extra set of numbers in the model, so a 7.5 tonne LF prior to 2014 would have been called an LF45.180 instead of simply LF180 as they are today.

In addition to the LF45 there was the LF55 which used the same cab, but the larger engine and went from over 12 tonnes to 18 tonnes GVW. Read more about the LF and its variants on the DAF LF Pages.

The LF range changes at the end of 2023 to the DAF XB. This is not a new truck or even a facelift, merely a rebranding exercise by DAF to bring the LF range into line with the XD, XF and XG ranges of new generation trucks that the company has launched over the preceding few years.

DAF CF 18 to 44 Tonnes GVW

The mid-range cab which is used mainly for local distribution but can also be configured as a sleeper cabbed tractor unit with a high roof for distance haulage.  The CF is a favourite with tipper operators thanks to the reliability and payloads that are available when configured as an eight wheeler.

Prior to the introduction of the Euro 6 range in 2014, the CF had additional numbers in the model (an easy way to tell if the truck you are looking at meets the Euro 6 standard). Prior to 2014 you would be buying a CF65.220 instead of a CF220.  There were also CF75 and CF85 variants.  These extra numbers originally determined the engine sizes, but with the simplification of the ranges of engines, this has no longer become necessary.

The CF is likely to be phased out as the newer model, the XD covers all of the variants available in the CF range.

Used DAF CF Truck
Typical example of a used DAF CF Truck for sale at Truckpages – Here a Euro 6 DAF CF400 Grabloader from 2017

DAF XB 7.5 to 19 tonnes GVW (from end 2023)

The rebranded DAF LF range from Q4 2023. No significant changes other than the name and therefore the badges on the side of the doors. The rebranding to the XB range is to bring the LF into line with the new ranges, so the XB does not get a new cab at this stage and relies on one first seen in the UK around 1999. The truck is up to date nonetheless with an electric version and plenty of safety systems and driver aides.

DAF XD 18 to 44 Tonnes GVW

The new middleweight contender from DAF sees the CF replacement with a new cab which sits alongside the older CF design at launch. The CF will be retired as the newer variants of the XD range come on stream. Direct vision windows as standard and a modern design that has been developed from the same platform as the XF and XG. A choice of one engine at launch, the PACCAR MX-11 with the PX-7 arriving slightly later.

DAF XD with the PACCAR PX-7 engine
DAF adds extra cabs and extra-long wheelbases to the New DAF XD with the PACCAR PX-7 engine


The largest truck cab in the DAF range – usually seen on UK roads in tractor unit guise, the XF cab originally started out in the DAF 95 back in the 1990’s – although you would never realise it from the modern look of today’s 44-tonne tractor units.

Used Daf XF Truck for Sale
Typical Used Daf XF Truck for Sale – Here an XF480 FTG Euro 6 6×2 Midlift

As with the smaller cabbed models, the XF had a name change for the Euro 6 (new shape) versions in 2014.  Prior to this, the XF105 was the main model number – giving you an XF105.460 that was replaced by a more simple XF460.

The XF now has a choice of Space cab and Super Space cab (high roof sleeper version). You can read more about these models on our dedicated DAF XF pages.

A brand new cab for the XF in 2021 and new driveline as a major upgrade. This puts the XF behind the new XG in the model range.

DAF XF 2020 Mode
The New Generation DAF XF Truck 2020 Model Year


Launched in the UK towards the end of 2021 the XG uses the new ‘large’ cab that replaces the ageing XF (pre-2021 model). DAF were the first manufacturer to take advantage of the regulation changes governing overall vehicle length. As a result, the new XG cab is much larger than any available on the market at the time.

Launched with changes to the drivetrain and an optional mirror camera system, the XG was pricier than the XF that it superseded.

DAF XG Truck
DAF XG – New Generation of Cab introduced by DAF in 2020


The XG+ (or XG Plus) is the top of the range version of the XG and has a larger still cab. All driveline choices are the same as the XG – it is simply a bigger cab.