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The new shape Euro 6 DAF CF is the middleweight truck in DAF’s three-strong truck range.  The CF has gross vehicle weights starting at 18 tonnes and going right up to 32 tonnes for the eight wheel operation and 44 tonnes as a 6×2 tractor unit.

On these pages you will find details of the new shape CF trucks launched in the UK for 2014 onwards.  Buyers of older models should be looking at the older naming convention – there were CF 65, CF75 and CF85 trucks prior to 2014 – all of which running at Euro 5 or below.

Used DAF CF Trucks

Since 2007, truck operators can buy ready-bodied DAF CF trucks from the factory, so keep an eye out for one of these in the used truck market.  You won’t find tippers, but you still see 4×2 box and curtainsiders.

A solid choice – no transport manager ever got the sack for buying a DAF CF!

Used DAF CF Truck for SaleTypical Used DAF CF Truck for Sale - Here a CF320 6x2 dropside with a Hiab Crane
DAF CF65 220 4X2 18 Ton Curtainsider, Rear Barn Doors, Day Cab, Manual Gearbox
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2002 DAF CF85 380 6x2 Manual Gearbox Tractor Unit - x16 Speed ZF Manual Gearbox - Low Roof Sleeper Cab - Sliding Fifth Wheel - 715770 Kms - Tipping Gear - Well Serviced and Maintained - WE CAN ORGANIZE SHIPPING TO ANY WORLDWIDE DESTINATION CONTACT FOR A QUOTE WhatsApp 00447555922940
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2011 daf cf 65 250 4x2 on air 18 ton 27ft curtainsider with barn doors
Tail lift can be fitted

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2015 daf cf 250 euro 6 4x2 18 ton on air 8 speed manual 26ft grp box with tuck away tail lift
U-LEZ Compliant
Can be sold chassis cab
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Lot No: 51 4x2 - 7.7M - Demount - Box, - Tuck - Away - Tail - Lift MoT: 2022-09-30T00:00:00 .VAT on Hammer: Y. DIRECT MAIN AGENT FJ63BWF
For Auction at Protruck, Belton, Doncaster on 2022-02-02
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2017 17 DAF CF 330 EURO 6 6X4 Abba steel bodied tipper, sheet, Epsilon M125L crane + grab, waker carrier, tow bar, tool box, side sensors, 360 degree cameras, bottom door glass, air con, air seat, electric windows/mirrors, central locking, cruise, sun roof, 41,000kms, 07/22 MOT, £89,950 + VAT
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More CF Info

Why buy a new-shape CF?

Designed for local and regional distribution tasks, the truck is available as a rigid or tractor unit.  Whilst the cab is smaller than the DAF XF, there is still the option to specify DAF’s Space Cab for more room in case of nights out.

The CF sits above the Renault-cabbed DAF LF which is used for operation up to about 12 tonnes GVW.

Where the CF comes into its own is a value for money rigid for tipper operations.  A reliable workhorse, the DAF technology is well proven and the dealer support in the UK is very good, as you would expect from the market leader.

The CF is available in a myriad of lengths, heights and wheelbase lengths and – best of all – is assembled in the UK in Leyland.

DAF CF Model History

When buying a truck in the used market, it is good to know which year there was a facelift or a new engine launched.  No point in spending the same money on an earlier model year when you can buy an upgraded version for the same money.

For example, not all 2014 DAF CF’s are the same – some could be Euro 5 and some Euro 6.

1992 – The Early 75 & 85 Series

The DAF CF range arose from the original 75 and 85 series DAFs launched back in 1992.  Looking at the truck from this period, it is still instantly recognisable, using the same cab today.

DAF 85 Series - Precursor to the CF Range
DAF 85 Series – Precursor to the CF Range

1998 – DAF CF Series Launched

Three models replaced the outgoing 75 and 85 range.  The CF was now available as the 65CF, 75CF and 85CF (note the numbering was different at launch – not an error here).  It’s anyone’s guess about the numbering of the range – you may think that it was swept engine volume, but the 75CF came with a 9.2-litre and the 85CF came with the 12.6-litre that it shared with the larger-cabbed XF series.

The 1998 Range of DAF CF will their all new engines for Euro 3
The 1998 Range of DAF CF will their all new engines for Euro 3

2000 – New DAF CF Series Launched

Essentially a facelift, September 2000 saw the launch of the revised CF.  This time the brand identity was reordered so it became the CF85 instead of the 85CF.  The truck was fitted with the new 9.2-litre PE engine with 360hp.

2006 – New engines for Euro 4

To enable the CF to reach Euro 4 emission standards, DAF launched two new engines, the 9.2-litre PR engine to replace the PE from 2000 – this time with MX injection technology – still with outputs up to 360hp.  The 12.6 litre engine now becomes the MX with power up to 510hp.

2008 – All DAF CF Available as EEV

DAF was the first truckmaker to make all of its trucks available as EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicles) – this includes the CF range.

2010 – DAF CF Tridem Available

Truck operators can now specify four axle 8×2 CF’s with one at the front and three at the rear – ideal for rear-mounted crane operation and for delivery to hard-to manoeuvre locations.

DAF Tridem 2010
DAF CF Tridem in 2010

2013 – DAF CF Euro 6 Range Launched

Launched with much fanfare at the UK’s CV Show, the new CF range was not actually sold in Euro 6 form in the UK well into 2014. The new PACCAR MX11 engine features for the first time.

DAF dropped the use of the 65, 75 and 85 in the model designation.  The CF range are now simply called CF… followed by the horsepower.  So instead of the CF85.360 we now have the CF360.  Simple.

Announced at the same time was the CF Construction range of trucks – DAF has not chosen a new brand for their on/off road offering like other manufacturers, (Volvo FMX, Mercedes Arocs, Renault Rand C and Range K) but extended the CF Range instead. The CF Construction has extra ground clearance plus a new tough look.

2015 CF Silent Models Launched

Not a huge seller but the CF silent operates at 72dBA – excellent if that’s your thing!

2017 – New Facelift for CF

Focusing on efficiency, the new CF had new driveline and improved aerodynamics – albeit on the original cab.  DAF claim fuel improvements of up to 7% for the range.

DAF CF Range Launch in 2017
DAF CF Range in 2017 at Launch

2018 – Hybrid & Electric CF Concepts

DAF have both full battery and diesel hybrid versions of the CF with customers on trial around the Netherlands.

Latest CF News

Electric Trucks are on the Way – DAF now Training Technicians

It seems that electric trucks are not just future pie in the sky, market leader, DAF Trucks has started to roll out training for electrical vehicles across their network of dealers. They are waiting for deliveries of right-hand-drive LF Electric and CF Electric vehicles for UK customers in the coming weeks. The training is being delivered at the DAF Academy based at DAF Trucks’ UK head office in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire. It forms part of a comprehensive programme of activities to prepare the DAF Dealer network for the uptake of EVs, with significant investment going into tooling and charging infrastructure, as…

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New DAF CF480 Tridem for Tight Spots

If you need the manoeuvrability of a 6x2 but with a 32 tonne gross vehicle weight then take a leaf out of timber and builders’ merchant, North West Timber Treatments (NWTT) and consider the specification of an 8x2 with a ‘Tridem’ configuration instead of the more common two axles at the front and two at the rear. Additional equipment fitted to the truck includes Hiab crane and a specialist body designed and fitted by Forshaw Engineering. The vehicle was supplied by local DAF Dealer, Lancashire DAF. New truck fitted with Hiab crane and purpose-designed body from Forshaw Engineering The new…

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DAF Trucks Sell their First Electric Tractor Units in UK

It seems that Cardiff-based international freight forwarders, Freight Systems Express Wales (FSEW) is well ahead of the curve.  The business is aiming to be carbon ‘net-zero’ before 2025 and their first major step is to invest in a pair of DAF CF tractor units – a trial before an order for a further 10 units is placed. This is the UK’s first order for battery electric heavy tractor units, as well as a first order for DAF Trucks and its new zero-emissions product offering. The order was rubberstamped last week at the ITT Hub exhibition and conference in Farnborough, where…

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Electrifying Trucks @ ITT Hub 2021

The first ‘Innovation and Technology in Transport’ show finally took place at the end of June at Farnborough airport. The show had been postponed thanks to Covid pandemic, but was well worth waiting for.  DAF used the show as their opportunity to get their new XG range of long distance cabs in front of the cameras and customers, whilst more truck makers attended than we can remember showing at the CV Show in a long time. The truck manufacturers stands were relatively low key – but so much the better for it – more informal and easy to wander around.…

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DAF Trucks Virtual Truck Show – The Winners

Perhaps a virtual truck show is even better than getting your favourite truck stuck in a muddy field with the real thing? There are plenty of truck show fans who would disagree, but at least it is a chance to show off some metal and take home some (virtual) glory. So, DAF Trucks has revealed the winners of its 2021 Virtual Truck Show – the second online event in successive years following ongoing pandemic restrictions and the postponement of the truck industry’s traditional show season. The DAF Truck Show Winners 2021 Three winners have been selected after DAF Trucks’ Social…

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Most Popular CF Model Variants

CF75.310 (67)

The earliest examples of the CF75.310 for sale at Truckpages are the trucks from the launch year of 2005.

These Euro 3 trucks were upgraded for the 2006 model year (sold in 2007) to either Euro 4 or Euro 5 & EEV (DAF went early on the Euro 5 option).

The CF75.310 was discontinued at the Euro 6 replacement year of 2014 and was directly replaced by the 7- litre PX-7 CF320 or the 11-litre MX-11 engine CF300 rated at 300hp or the CF340 rated at 340hp.

The CF75.310 used the 9.2 litre...

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CF65.220 (28)

Launched at the time of the 2000 facelift, the first examples of the DAF CF65.220 for sale in the UK was in 2001 at Euro 3.

Available only as a 4x2 rigid, the Model had a facelift at the introduction of Euro 4 in 2005/6.  Using the 6.7 litre PACCAR GR engine, it was the lowest powered in the CF65 range at Euro 4 and 5 (EEV).

Truck buyers could also opt for the more powerful 250 or 280 versions of the same engine, all of which used SCR and AdBlue to reach Euro 4 and 5.

The CF65.220 was...

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CF65.250 (24)

Always a good choice of the 250hp 4x2 DAF CF65.250 rigid trucks for sale at Truckpages.

These trucks were phased out at the end of 2013 - if you a re looking for a more recent DAF middleweight, then you should be considering 2014 (Euro 6 new shape) onwards models, such as the LF250 or LF260 or the larger-cabbed CF250 or CF260.

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CF85.410 (23)

The most popular of the CF85 range - judging from the numbers for sale at Truckpages - the 410hp CF85.410 was supremely flexible.  Powerful enough to be used as a 6x2 tractor unit, many found themselves on 4x2 supermarket operation.

You can also find used examples of this model as a drawbar, 8x2 rigid with a crane or a tipper.

Discontinued at the end of 2013, you may find some 2014 models still available - the latest were Euro 5 EEV.  The replacement was the CF410 at Euro 6, but used...

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CF85.360 (21)

The 360hp CF85 was sold in the UK from 2006 right up to the model's discontinuation at the end of 2013.

A versatile model variant, it was often seen as a 4x2 tractor unit in supermarket livery - ideal for local deliveries, if not a little underpowered for motorway use.

As a rigid truck, the CF85.360 was available in a widen number of axle configurations, from the straightforward 'FA' which is DAF language for a 4x2 rigid, to an 'FT' - a 4x2 tractor unit through to the 'FAN' - rear steer...

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CF440 (21)

Available from 2014 until the model revamp in 2017/2018 the 440 had been the most popular power output from the MX11 engine and was used for a variety of applications from a tractor unit to a tipper.

Replaced by the CF450 in 2017/18, these models have a claimed 7% improvement in fuel usage. Less popular was the lower-powered 410HP version
Used DAF CF440 Trucks
The most common type of CF5440 is a standard 4x2 tractor unit - most 6x2 variants would have opted for the larger-engined 460hp...

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CF85.460 (17)

The CF85.460 is DAF's workhorse tractor unit model. A smaller, narrower cab than the XF, but a better resulting payload.  Powerful enough for operation as a 6x2, 44 tonne tractor unit, the 460 proved very popular with truck operators up and down the UK whose drivers were not expected to be out every night in their sleeper cabs.

Using the PACCAR MX 12.9 litre engine for Euro 4 & 5 EEV operation from 2008 up until the models discontinuation at the end of 2013 when it was replaced by the...

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CF250 (15)

The 250 horsepower CF is just about the best selling of the Euro 6, (post 2013) CF range. The model was superseded by the CF260 in 2017/18 when the facelift was carried out.

Using the 7-litre PACCAR PX-7 engine with EGR and SCR, the CF250 requires the use of Adblue.

the CF250 was sold mainly for distribution duties and is most frequently found in the used truck market as  box truck or curtainsider running at 18 tonnes GVW.

As usual with DAF, there's plenty of choice of model variants...

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CF220 (11)

The CF220 is the lowest powered truck in DAF's CF range. Launched in 2014 with the Euro 6 upgrade, the CF 220 replaced the ageing CF65.220.

The 220 was popular with local distribution operators - usually configured as a 4x2 box truck or curtainsider.  This CF model therefore competes with the smaller-cabbed LF220 and similar as they will be lighter, use the same PX-7 engine and therefore have a better payload - sometimes critical in local distribution operations.

When replaced in...

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CF450 (11)

Used DAF CF450 Trucks
The DAF CF450 is a top power workhorse truck that replaced the CF440 in 2018.

Typically used in 8x2 and 8x4 versions as hookloaders or crane trucks, it uses the smaller 10.8-litre PACCAR MX11 engine instead of the larger and heavier 13-litre - improving the payload for the truck.

It uses exhaust gas recirculation, together with an active soot filter and SCR technology to reach Euro 6 standards.

Looking for a cheaper version? Try the older DAF CF440

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CF460 (10)

The Euro 6 DAF CF460 was built between 2014 and 2018 for the UK market. After this time it was replaced by the facelifted version with the CF480.

The 460 is a Euro 6 truck and uses the MX-13 PACCAR engine with EGR and SCR plus a variable geometry turbocharger. Most of the time, it was configured as a 6x2 tractor unit in the UK - either with the standard sleeper cab or DAF's CF Space cab.
Alternatives to the DAF CF460
For operations that are more payload critical operators opted for the...

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CF75.360 (9)

The 9.2 litre CF75.360 was not as well loved in the UK market as the larger 12.9 litre CF85.360.  Whilst the cabs were identical, the additional torque available from the larger engine (1450Nm vs 1775Nm at lower revs) mad the CF85 a more popular choice.

The CF75 version was available as a tractor unit in the UK, but only as a 4x2 which represents a small percentage of the UK market. As a result, most of the 75.360 trucks were sold as 6x2 distribution trucks at 26 tonnes although you can...

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CF330 (8)

Used DAF CF330 Trucks
The DAF CF330 has proven a popular truck in the UK with its 330hp on tap from the PACCAR MX-11 common rail engine using EGR & SCR and a variable geometry turbocharger.

The DAF 330 has been used across the UK as primarily a box truck or curtainsider - almost always at 26 tonnes GVW in 6x2 configuration.

The 330 was made from the introduction of Euro 6 at the start of 2014 up until the 2017/18 facelift when it was replaced by the CF340 also using the MX-11 engine,...

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CF370 (8)

The DAF CF370 is the only power output for he CF range that remained the same after the 2017/18 facelift.  Running from 2014 onwards, the 370 is powered by the MX-11 engine and sits in the middle of the power outputs available for this engine.

Using EGR and SCR to reach Euro 6, the 370 replaced both the 9-litre CF75.360 and the larger 12.9 litre CF85.360.

Typically configured as a 6x2 rigid at 26 tonnes operation, the 370 is popular as a beavertail or curtainsider - the additional...

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CF260 (5)

The Euro 6 DAF CF260 first appeared in the 2017/18 facelift of the CF range, replacing the CF450.  This saw an increase of around 10hp in the 7-litre PX-7 engine to 264hp.

Other improvements were made at the time of the facelift, so if you are looking at a 2017 model, it's worth sticking with the 260 over the 250 as fuel consumption was improved at the time.

The 260 is typically configured as an 18-tonne 4x2 rigid truck for distribution purposes, so used examples that we see are box...

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CF65.280 (2)

Used DAF CF65.280 Trucks
The second-most powerful truck in the CF65 range after the CF65.300.  Sharing the same 6.7 litre PACCAR GR engine, the 280 was initially only available at Euro 4 as a 4x2 rigid and a gross vehicle weight of 18 tonnes.

The CF uses DAF's mid- sized cab and is heavier than the smaller LF. The 18 tonne CF would be chosen over the LF version if the distances involved were greater or there was more than one person in the cab.

The CF65.280 was available as a day,...

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CF320 (2)

The CF320 is proving a popular choice for high payload operations since launch in 2017/18. Using the lightweight 7-litre PX-7 engine rather than the larger 11-litre MX-11 as used in the CF300 ad the post 2017 model CF340, the 320 can provide that extra payload for operations such as plant carriers.

Typically configured as a 6x2 at 26 tonnes, we also see examples of 4x2 rigid CF320 trucks with drawbar connections.
Used DAF CF320 Trucks
The closest alternatives are the above mentioned 300...

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Other Model Variants of CF

CF400 (22) | CF75.250 (9) | CF290 (5) | CF410 (5) | CF85.380 (4) | CF85.430 (3) | CF230 (3) | CF65.300 (2) | CF85.340 (2) | CF360 (2) | CF75.290 (1) | CF75.380 (1) | CF85.400 (1) | CF280 (1) | CF480 (1) | CF75.440 (1) | CF310 (1) |