First Scania launched the City Safe window which was fitted in the passenger door of its low-entry L-Series cab.  Now the L-Series benefits from an optional ‘Scania City Door’ – an inward swinging glass door improving access and visibility for the driver.

Scania L Series City Door
L-series cabs with Scania City Door – inward swinging glass door

No news whether this will be made available in right hand drive form as yet.

“The L-series is much appreciated, and is generating much attention to Scania’s urban offer in general and from customers in refuse collection in particular,” says Mikael Schuer, Product Manager, Scania Trucks. “The low and wide boarding along with automatic kneeling and a truly ergonomic driver station all represent state-of-the-art features in our urban-oriented cabs. With the glass door, the L-series trucks will attract more drivers, and keep existing employees satisfied with their daily work tool”.   

Scania City Door offers safe and ergonomic boarding as well as improved vision for Scania L-series users in busy urban environments.

The Scania L-series trucks have so far only been offered with conventional doors, along with an optional Scania City Safe Window on the passenger side. Adding the inward swinging Scania City Door option brings extra convenience to drivers and other crew members who have to board their truck often; refuse collection vehicles are maybe the best-known example.

Huge market appeal

“Market interest in a solution such as this is huge, that we already know,” says Schuer. “We have an attractive offer today, but we also see that in certain applications a swinging glass door with the best possible visibility along the cab with be highly desired by our customers.”