We have already seen the prototype and, whilst these do not always make their way into full productions, it makes sense that the cab is essentially to Actros cab (why build a new one just for a driveline change?). So we expect the big reveal to look a little like the prototype image below.

 Mercedes eActros 600 Prototype
First seen in June 2023 – The eActros Prototype

In addition to the prototype, we have already seen Mercedes’ new electric long-distance truck – the eActros 600 wearing its cloaking disguise that all new models are captured on camera wearing.  The truck recently underwent hot weather testing in 44 degree temperatures around Grenada in Spain this Summer. The scope of this testing ranged from the functionality of the air conditioning system at high temperatures to the performance of the electric powertrain and battery thermal management to measurements during charging processes at rapid charging stations. The team then drove the truck 2,000 kilometres home again. Hopefully they found a charger (or took a generator with them).

 Mercedes eActros 600
The Mercedes eActros 600 in its cloaking disguise in Spain

On October 10, Mercedes will finally reveal the battery-electric eActros 600 for long-distance haulage. The manufacturer has now provided a first taste of the series-production truck with a teaser image. According to the manufacturer, “Clear lines and an aerodynamic design characterize the appearance of the eActros 600, which is intended to be the right choice for customers in terms of profitability, sustainability and reliability.”

Teaser Shot eActros 600
Here’s the Teaser Shot – The designation 600 is derived from the battery capacity in kilowatt hours

The electric truck will have a range of 500 kilometers without intermediate charging and will also enable megawatt charging in the future.