Croydon-based ELB Partners has acquired eight Volvo FM460 Globetrotter 6×2 tractors, opting for a specification that maximises road safety.

Supplied by Guili Chemello, Transport Solutions Executive at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre South & East, ELB Partners’ tractors have been deployed at the company’s 60,000ft2 Croydon headquarters and will be used primarily for hauling loads in and around London.

Peter Eason, Managing Director of ELB Partners, says: “We’ve been a Volvo customer for many years – 80% of our fleet is Volvo – so when it came to choosing our new fleet there was only one marque on the table. In our experience, Volvo’s build quality has always been second to none, and the array of safety options on offer will help keep our drivers, customers and other road users safe.”

Direct Vision Standards in 2024

The company’s new Winter White FMs with Alcoa Dura-Bright aluminium rims have been specified to conform to London’s three-star Direct Vision Standard (DVS). This guarantees that the vehicles can continue to legally enter Greater London from October 2024. They also feature several active safety technologies such as Volvo’s forward collision and lane departure warning systems.

To drive further safety gains, ELB has also equipped its new FMs with Volvo’s Visibility+ package. This includes distinctive V-shaped LED headlights, which automatically adapt to ambient light conditions, and rain sensing windscreen wipers.

“These tractors are a perfect fit for urban delivery; they’re just so easy to drive in the city,” adds Eason. “Their low cab combined with the numerous cameras and sensors we’ve added grant us a clear view of all our surroundings. It all helps our drivers to spot and avoid any potential hazards; plus it’s a great working space to help attract and retain the best drivers.”

By opting for Volvo’s long haul fuel economy package – which includes Volvo’s intelligent adaptive cruise control platform and I-See – ELB Partners is also seeing significant fuel savings on its new purchase. The inclusion of added driver comforts such as a built-in navigation system, leather steering wheel and a 28-litre fridge have also won praise from the firm’s drivers.

The vehicles are powered by Euro-6 step E engines, which can produce 460 hp and a peak torque of 2,300 Nm. Their automated I-Shift gearboxes are also helping to unlock further fuel and performance gains, while Volvo’s Engine Brake system helps to boost safety while reducing brake wear.

The company’s new tractors are backed by five-year Volvo Blue Contracts which will see ELB’s local Volvo dealer in Croydon conduct all the necessary preventative maintenance required to keep its new FMs in peak condition. Eason expects his new vehicles to cover 160,000 kilometres annually working 20 hours a day throughout the week.

More Volvos on the Way

ELB has already placed orders for two additional three-star DVS compliant Volvo FM tractors and two 12-tonne and two 18-tonne Volvo FLs, due for delivery in 2023. Its eight latest FMs have been supplied on a hire purchase agreement from Volvo Financial Services.

Founded in 1970, ELB Partners’ FORS Gold accredited fleet of 32 vehicles, ranging from panel vans to 18-tonne trucks, offers general haulage services across the London area.

Volvo Tractor Units lineup
The company’s new Volvo FMs have been specified to conform to London’s three-star Direct Vision Standard (DVS).