It’s all well and good buying your first electric truck (if you can afford it) but the question of recharging has to be dealt with prior to the delivery of the vehicles.

Can you charge them overnight? Do they need a quick top-up during the day? How many trucks will have to be charged at any one time?

No truck operator can claim to be an expert in this area, so on these occasions it may be better to rely on the truck manufacturers to provide the charging equipment so there is only one proverbial backside to kick if it all goes wrong.

DAF have seen this opportunity and has launched a full range of charging solutions to charge the batteries of the LF Electric and CF Electric trucks, as well as other electric commercial vehicles, including vans.

The company now offers a full range of fixed charging stations with power levels from 20 kW up to 360 kW. In addition, to provide maximum flexibility, mobile chargers with power levels from 24 kW up to 40 kW are available.

DAF Truck Charging
DAF now offers a full range of fixed charging stations with power levels from 20 kW up to 360 kW

A range of charger solutions for all electric vehicles

The 20 kW to 50 kW PACCAR chargers support the daily operations of an individual truck that can be charged during the evening or at night.

Designed for convenient fast charging, the 120 kW and 180 kW PACCAR chargers are perfectly suited for fleets operating electric vehicles on multiple routes or in multiple shifts. The 180 kW unit provides the power to charge most truck types in less than three hours.

The most powerful version is the 350 kW PACCAR charger, an ultra-fast solution that can charge vehicles at full rated power in less than two hours or fast charge two vehicles simultaneously.

Mobile chargers are ideal for road side assistance or in workshops, where maximum flexibility is needed in the charging infrastructure.

Communication & Maintenance

The integration with the DAF fully electric trucks, the charging hardware and the network software is being taken care of by DAF and its partners, who have up to ten years of experience in the advanced charging industry. Where needed, the partners will conduct site assessments, energy modelling and engineering at the customers premises. They will also maintain the charging equipment. This ensures a flawless communication between the trucks and the chargers.

Getting the Best Return

“The application of fully electric trucks requires a specific way of planning and operations”, states Richard Zink, Director Marketing & Sales of DAF Trucks. “DAF makes this conversion as easy as possible for its customers. We always advise about how an electric truck delivers the highest return on investment in the daily operation. And as from today we also offer our customers premium quality charging equipment so that they are assured of the most optimal integration between the truck and charging station.”

Where can I buy it?

Customers can purchase the PACCAR chargers from DAF dealers and TRP store locations. The complete range of electric vehicle charging stations is backed by a two-year warranty.