​If you have used an Alexa machine at home you will understand that you can both love it and hate it.  Until now, truck drivers have been free from the presence of Alexa while at work.  But not any longer if Iveco have anything to do with it.

Iveco claims that their project, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), will ‘set new standards in innovative services for drivers by introducing a voice-enabled service through Amazon Alexa.’

Iveco Launch Amazon Alexa in the Cab
Iveco plan to launch Amazon Alexa in the Cab

Manage a Route Vocally

Iveco is using AWS’s Machine Learning and serverless capabilities and Amazon Alexa to enhance the driver’s experience.  The new voice service enables IVECO drivers to vocally manage their route planning, check the vehicle’s maintenance and health status, and request driving tips. The voice service can also operate cab controls, allowing drivers to remain focused on the road, increasing traffic safety. It also makes it easy for drivers to remain connected with the IVECO driver community.

Working Backward Method

The new voice service, designed by IVECO Digital team with the support of AWS Professional Services, has been built following the Amazon Working Backward Innovation methodology taught in AWS’s Digital Innovation Program, and uses AWS machine learning, voice, security and serverless technologies.

“We are delighted with the new voice service, which will set a new standard in the automotive industry,” said Fabrizio Conicella, Digital lead at IVECO. “By leveraging the breadth of AWS’s portfolio, IVECO has been able to innovate and deliver in record time a new service that fundamentally changes the way drivers can interface with our vehicles and our drivers’ community. The new voice service from IVECO underpins the company’s future digital strategy as it strives to offer a completely new way for drivers to perform their tasks in an interactive way while raising the level of safety and comfort.”