​Portraying the transport industry in a positive light is surely the goal of every business involved in the manufacturing or operating trucks.  That’s what Iveco have been rewarded for achieving in a video the company made to celebrate the role of women in the world of transport on International Women’s Day.

Italian publishing house ADC Group rewarded the docuvideo, a collaboration between IVECO, Ogilvy and Freeda, with three NC Digital Awards that recognize the best in digital communication.

The “IVECO Truck Queens” project was received three NC Digital Awards: a first place in the Digital Branded Content B2B category, second in the Facebook and Instagram Grand Prix, and third in the Digital Branded Content for B2C category.

Judith Ehrmann, an experienced mechanic for truck racing Team Schwabentruck
Judith Ehrmann, an experienced mechanic for truck racing Team Schwabentruck

It was selected by a jury comprised of digital communication professionals representing companies among the leading investors in communication. The digital communication project aimed to give a voice to the first-hand experience of unstoppable women who work in the trucks business with passion and determination, breaking gender stereotypes every day and kick-starting change for the younger generations.

The Plot

The docuvideo tells the story of three women from different countries and backgrounds who share a passion for trucks: Judith Ehrmann, an experienced mechanic for truck racing Team Schwabentruck, Lorella Della Torre, who has carved a career as Sales Manager at an Italian IVECO Dealership, and Oti Cabadas, who has confronted traditional prejudices head on to become an experienced truck driver. They talk about the obstacles and prejudices they have faced as they fought with courage for the professional recognition they deserve in their chosen field. The docuvideo was broadcast on IVECO LIVE CHANNEL www.ivecolivechannel.com and shared on IVECO’s and Freeda’s social media channels.

Oti Cabadas
Spanish Truck Driver Oti Cabadas features strongly in the film

Marialaura Iascone, IVECO Global Brand Marketing Director commented: “We are very proud that this docuvideo has been recognised with this prestigious award. It puts the spotlight on the role of women in our industry, and the courage and determination that they bring to their profession. We hope that seeing the example of these unstoppable women will inspire more young women to break with stereotypes and follow their passion and carve a career for themselves in the field of their choice.”

Lorella Della Torre
Lorella Della Torre – Sales Manager at an Italian IVECO Dealership

The coveted NC Digital Awards, now in their 10th edition, were established by ADC Group, the Italian publishing house dedicated to advertising, marketing, media and events professionals to recognise the best quality in digital communication in Italy.

The Video

Iveco Video
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