Been wondering where to find a classic truck for sale?

Many truck dealers and private collectors have their own stock of classic commercial vehicles.  At Truckpages, we list anything older than 1995 as a classic truck – so there are plenty to choose from. 

Classic 1 series Scania from 1994
Classic 1 series Scania from 1994 – a 113M360 4×2 Tractor Unit

Whilst you can’t take these into London’s ULEZ yet, there are plenty of other places to enjoy and show off these fantastic pieces of engineering.

Browse the selection of classic trucks here

The whole series of Truckfest shows, with their classic trucks on show, is nearing the end with the ‘Original’ at Notts & Newark Showground on the second and third of October and the North West show at the Cheshire Showground in Knutsford on the ninth and tenth of October. 

Perhaps now is the time that existing owners are looking to sell their precious classic trucks – keep an eye on these pages!

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These pages are sponsored by The Stilltime Collection.  This is a fantastic collection of thousands of images of classic trucks over the years including trucks in operation and at shows.