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As you know, these are tough time for the trucking and haulage industries. Between rising fuel costs, pollution charging and increased competition, cutting the costs of essentials like insurance can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

Our range of policies can be tailored to the needs of your business, so whether you need protection for a single lorry, a fleet of HGVs or something in between, get in touch today.

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About Coversure

Coversure was established in 1986 with a view to providing a high quality, good value insurance service to local people across the country through independently franchised broking businesses. Since then Coversure has grown rapidly and now boasts over 90 offices throughout the UK.

Coversure is part of the Jensten Group, a family of complementary businesses with a shared commitment to delivering insurance distribution excellence. To find out more about Jensten and its individual components of the group, please click here.

Meet the Leadership Team

As Coversure has grown so the management team has expanded, bringing fresh expertise that has allowed it to extend its offering to more and more customers. Despite these developments one thing has remained unchanged: our commitment to the founding vision of providing a high-quality, good value insurance service to local people and local businesses. That goal remains at the heart of everything Coversure does, and it always will.