Here’s a weapon on the front cover – a Euro 6 2015 Scania R Series. This R490 is set up as an 8×2 plant truck with a cheese wedge body and Fassi F660RA.2.26. The heavy duty crane has a lifting capacity of of around 56 tonne metres and an excellent maximum reach of 25.8 m. There is no reserve on this truck going through the Gavel Auctions sale that closes on the 15th February. So, if you are interested, make sure to register early. View the details of the Scania Plant truck here. If you are after slightly smaller plant truck, the Strathclyde Commercials have a 2008 Scania P380 6×2 26 tonner advertised in the photo lineages. A similar, but ever more rare specification Scania can be found in G C Rickards advert on page 17 where the older, 4-Series 8×4 Scania has both a heavy duty PM crane and hooklift equipment – a rare beast indeed. It comes with a flatbed and, if you have the perfect job for it, then you should snap it up!

Truck Pages Issue 156
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