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An extremely popular truck in the UK, you will always find a great selection of used Iveco Eurocargo trucks for sale here at Truckpages.

Iveco’s middleweight truck sits between their Daily and Stralis (now S-Way) models with the range covering rigid trucks from 7.5 to 18 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW).

The key to the model is its flexibility, you will find this workhorse configured for local urban deliveries, as a tipper in construction spec, a dedicated municipal spec for sweepers – you can even buy a 4×4 version or one that runs on CNG!

The truck has a great heritage – starting off life in the UK as the UK-built Ford Cargo (for those of us with long memories) changing to the Eurocargo brand in 1991 and seeing production move to Italy in 1996.

Many call the model the ‘Cursor’ as this is what is written on the cab of some older models.  The Cursor is, in fact, the name of the engine fitted to the trucks.

The truck is still often seen as a ‘British Truck’ even though it hasn’t been built here for around thirty years, (the Ford Transit also shares this misconception).  The most British truck you can buy in the UK today at this weight range is the DAF LF that is assembled at Leyland – even though DAF is Netherlands-based, and US owned (PACCAR)!

Used Iveco Eurocargo Trucks

Browse through the types of bodies fitted to the Euro cargo in the section under the search box on the right hand side of the page and you will see the popularity and flexibility of the range.  Almost every conceivable type of conversion has been carried out on it.

You would expect plenty of box vans and curtainsiders, but there are also impressive numbers of road sweepers , cranes, cherry pickers and other specialist types.

Eurocargo Urban DeliveryEurocargo Urban Delivery
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Lot No: 57 4x2 - Dropside - Tipper MoT: 2022-06-30T00:00:00 .VAT on Hammer: Y. CU59FKK
For Auction at Protruck, Belton, Doncaster on 2022-02-02
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2005 Iveco 150e21 262,000 km triple drop side body re-mounted crane palfinger 8500 crane pipe for grab mot
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For Auction at the Euro Auctions sale 2022-01-26.
2009 Iveco 75E16 4x2 Johnston Road Sweeper, Reverse Camera, Manual Gear Box (Reg. Docs. Available) - RX59 BPY - ZCFA75B0402554613
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Iveco Eurocargo 75E16 E6, Euro 6, Automatic Gearbox, 20ft7" GRP Box Body, Rear Wide Lath Shutter Door, 1000kg DEL Column Tailift, Factory Fitted Immobiliser, Digital Tacho, CD Player, Electric Windows, Very Low Miles, Excellent Condition.
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Euro 6 - High roof Sleeper cab, 27'7'' GRP Box Body, Internal height 8'7'', Roller shutter, 1.5T Tuckaway Tail Lift, Auto, 440kms, Sept 2022 MOT, 250hp, Cruise, Lane departure warning, Vehicle fully inspected, Part-ex welcome, Finance arranged, See CRSTRUCKS for ALL Stock. MoT Expiry: 30/09/2022...
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More Eurocargo Info

The Current Eurocargo Range

Eurocargo Model Naming

Firstly, let’s go through some detail to help to understand the model designations.  Keeping it simple, the Eurocargos models are made up of three parts:

  1. Gross Vehicle Weight:
  • 75 = 7.5 tonnes
  • 120 = 12 tonnes
  • 180 = 18 tonnes
  1. The middle letter denotes that it is a Eurocargo (E)
  2. The power in PS (Close enough to HP)
  • 16 = 160PS (hp)
  • 18 = 180PS (hp)

So, the model looks like: ‘75E16’ is a 7.5 tonne Eurocargo with 160hp

Sometimes you will see the model prefixed by ML – this is the range ‘Medium Light’ and the MLC is the Day cab, the MLL is the sleeper cab.  You may also see a letter after the ‘75E16’ which denotes the version of the truck.

  • K = Tipper configuration (Kipper is Tipper in German)!
  • D = Crew Cab
  • W = 4×4
  • RSW = Sweeper Spec.

The final piece of the model naming jigsaw is the suspension type.  If there is a final suffix to the model of:

  • /P = rear air suspension (Posteriori in Italian in case you were wondering)
  • /FP = front and rear air suspension (even though Italian for front is anteriori)?

To top all of this off- Iveco have decided to change the way the models appear on the cabs.  Gone is the ‘E’ for Eurocargo – this is now replaced by a ‘-‘ and the 19 has turned into 190!

Eurocargo model numbers
It’s all in the numbering – here’s an ML75E19 (can only guess at the other bits)

Why buy a Eurocargo?

There are plenty of truck operators across Europe who are convinced of the Eurocargo’s capabilities.  Iveco’s Eurocargo is the market leader across Europe at the middle weight range.

Simple Euro 6 Technology

Part of this appeal may come from the simplicity of the truck’s exhaust treatment system to clean emissions to Euro 6 D standard.  All other trucks use a combination of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), whilst the Eurocargo is alone in simply using the SCR system. Iveco have branded this system Hi-SCR.

This means that there is one less thing to go wrong and that the truck only needs a passive diesel particulate filter, (DPF).  This is important for local operation, as an active filter has to be operated at high temperatures, (typically those seen at motorway speeds) in order to burn off deposits in the filter.  If this is not possible (in local, urban duty cycles) then the truck has to heat it up using a forced regeneration.  This is noisy, uses fuel and wastes time.

Huge Range of Options

You will find crew cab, day cab and sleeper cab Eurocargos for sale, with Tector engine choices from 160hp to 320hp from the 5-litre and 7-litre engines. The Eurocargo is available in 11,000 factory versions, resulting from the combination of its product variants: 4×2 and 4×2, 14 gross vehicle weight levels and seven power outputs, 12 gearboxes, 15 wheelbases and three types of cab with two roofs – in addition to a wide range of suspension systems, axle ratios, axles and PTOs.

Larger Eurocargo Specification Matrix
Larger Eurocargo Specification Matrix
Smaller Eurocargo Specification Matrix
Smaller Eurocargo Specification Matrix

Eurocargo Model History

Iveco’s middleweight truck has had a long and impressive history.  There are hundreds of thousands of these trucks running around Europe in many shapes and sizes, carrying out a huge range of roles, from fire truck to tipper, fridge truck to road sweeper.

Starting at 7.5 tonnes GVW in the UK, the Eurocargo is the main competitor to DAF’s LF for the mainstay of the important ‘under the weight’ market, (able to drive on certain car licences).  The range covered by the Eurocargo goes up to just 18 tonnes GVW – if you want a 26 tonner then you’ll need to go for the larger, heavier Stralis (S-Way) cab

Popular in the UK partly because of its history – it used to be made in the UK when it was owned by Ford – but also because it is a well-priced, well put together truck.

So which model should you buy?  There have been a number of facelifts over the years, so you don’t want to make the mistake of buying the last of a model year series when you could buy the facelifted version for not much more…

1991 – Launch of Eurocargo

Originally stemming from the Ford Cargo in the UK, the Eurocargo brand as we know it started back in 1991 – still made in the UK at the time.  Not many of these trucks around in the UK – they would be collectors items only.

1997 – Launch of Second Generation Eurocargo

Again, not high on the UK truck buyer’s shopping list, demonstrates the truck’s heritage.

2001 – Launch of Eurocargo Tector

The Tector brand for engines remains today – often confused as a Tector rather than a Eurocargo thanks to the huge badge on the front.

2003 – Launch of Third Generation  Eurocargo Model Year 2003

Modern looks for the 2003 model year

2006 – Introduction of Euro 4 and Euro 5 models

Iveco, like most European truck manufacturers more or less went straight to Euro 5 for these middleweight Eurocargos.

2008 – Fourth Generation Eurocargo Euro 5

A much-revised front end facelift saw similar Euro 5 engines to the earlier model.  Check out more information from launch here.

Iveco Eurocargo MY 2008 on the road
Iveco Eurocargo MY 2008 on the road
Insude the MY 2008 Iveco Eurocargo
Insude the MY 2008 Iveco Eurocargo
2013 – Launch of Euro 6 Eurocargo

Looking similar to the 2008 faclift, this time the Eurocargo gets engine changes.  Meeting the Euro 6 standard is not easy, but Iveco manages it using SCR only.  No complex EGR systems, just a dosage of Adblue. To review the launch information click here.

Eurocargo MY 2014 Euro 6 Launch shots
Eurocargo MY 2014 Euro 6 Launch
2015 – Launch of Fifth Generation new design current Eurocargo
18 tonne Eurocargo
18 tonne Eurocargo

The truck received a striking facelift – now matching the appearance of the Daily range with a ‘smile’ on the front.  Angular looks make the truck stand out in a fairly bland crowd.  Iveco are to be applauded in having a go and making the truck unique.

2015 MY Eurocargo Tipper 18 tonnes
2015 MY Eurocargo Tipper 18 tonnes
Iveco Eurocargo 2015 Model Year Interior
Iveco Eurocargo 2015 Model Year Interior

Check Out the Eurocargo in Film


Check Out Iveco’s External Features and Vehicle Care Video for the Eurocargo


Take a look around the inside of a 2015 Model Year Eurocargo


View a typical Eurocargo-example-spec-sheet

Latest Eurocargo News

7-Tonne Iveco Daily Fleet for Food Delivery

If you are delivering to urban environments, then it pays to have a truck with a more compact appearance. Euro Foods, a distributor of frozen and fresh foods has realised this and has just taken delivery of eleven Iveco Daily trucks/vans? The Daily is difficult to categorise as a truck or a van, as it looks a lot like a van – with a cab used to compete with the Ford Transit at 3.5 tonnes – but the Daily has a GVW of up to 7.2 tonnes.  This means that it can not only compete with your common or garden…

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Iveco X-Way Ground Clearance is Clear Winner

Hereford-based aggregate, concrete, and landscaping products suppliers Radbournes have increased their IVECO fleet over recent months by taking delivery of another 8x4 Stralis X-WAY tipper and one Eurocargo 4x2 tipper. Specified in ‘OFF’ configuration, they feature shallower, steel front bumpers and provide a greater ground clearance than X-WAY’s that can be ordered in either ON or ON+ Coinciding with Radbournes’ 40th anniversary IVECO forms the mainstay of its aggregates collection and delivery business as it moves away from its solus fleet with a competitor brand. The Radbournes name has become synonymous across Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Powys, and Worcestershire for providing a…

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Large Iveco Fleet Adds 26 New S-Ways

Still a rare sight on the UK’s roads, the modern-looking new S-Way from Iveco is set to become more common with no fewer than 26 arriving at Leeds-based Clipper Logistics plc. Careful consideration goes into the specification of the vehicles, with a 7” touchscreen infotainment system with TomTom LIVE navigation The S-Ways will arrive as part of a larger order totalling 89 trucks being delivered by dealer group, Northern Commercials.  This means that the transport operator’s 500-strong fleet is made up of more than 95% Iveco trucks. The new S-Way models are AS440S46TX/P 6x2 tractor units with the AS sleeper…

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Iveco Eurocargo & Daily for Frozen Food Deliveries

These trucks won’t get worn out any time soon.  Bought to deliver to cafes and restaurants, Johnson’s lockdown Mk3 has restricted the operations of 31 new Iveco trucks and vans bought by Kent Frozen Foods (KFF). The deal included 13 Eurocargo and 18 Daily commercial vehicles which add to the company’s fleet now totalling 80 vehicles – all of which are Ivecos. This is a great example of a local dealer doing a good job - Haynes Trucks has a  25-year relationship with KFF. KFF takes delivery of 13 12-tonne Eurocargo and 18 3.5-tonne Daily twin chamber fridge/chilled box vans…

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IVECO’s Euro 6 SCR Technology Gains Order

It was avoiding the need to stop for forced regeneration of the aftertreatment system that led to Iveco Retail’s sale to Navajo Leasing of three new 18-tonne Eurocargo flatbed rigids to its fleet, with a further order planned for later in 2020. If a truck does not carry out any motorway work for a while, there is insufficient heat generated in the exhaust system to burn off the deposits in the treatment system. As the trucks spend their life inside an airport, they are unlikely to reach…

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Most Popular Eurocargo Model Variants

Eurocargo 75E16 (86)

One of the most common sights on the UK's roads is the Eurocargo 75E16. Iveco's bread and butter model comes with a 160hp Cursor engine and is rated at 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

With a reasonably low unladen weight the 75E16 is highly flexible and can be configured to carry out many different types of work. With the '75E16K' tipper variant, the chassis can be transformed into a tipper easily, but it is as the white box van that this model is seen most frequently.
Used Eurocargo 75E16...

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Eurocargo 180E25 (50)

The 180E25 Eurocargo was available as a Euro 5 truck and the same model name available as the more recent Euro 6.  Truck buyers should therefore be extra careful when looking at this particular model and make sure that it is the correct version they are considering.
Euro 5 vs Euro 6 - How to tell?
This is very straightforward with the Iveco 180E25 as the Euro 6 version has the more modern, 'smile' to the front of the cab that features in both the Euro 6 Daily and Eurocargo...

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Other Model Variants of Eurocargo

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