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You will always find plenty of used Volvo FL trucks for sale on Truckpages’ search results.  The smallest truck in the Volvo Trucks range, it is available with hundreds of variants and the lightweight distribution truck is flexible enough for most applications.

Not available as a 7.5 tonner, the current model FL starts with the 5.1-litre 4 cylinder D5K engine in the FL510 – a 10-tonne GVW rigid. With versions available up to 18 tonnes GVW with the FL818.   

Used Volvo FL Trucks

Looking at the types of Volvo FL available for sale on the Truckpages listings demonstrates the versatility of the FL as no one body type stands out as the most common. Check out the breakdown of the model under the search bo on the right hand side of the page.

The FL is as happy as a fridge box as it is a a tipper or skiploader!

Used Volvo FL Truck for SaleTypical Used Volvo FL Truck for Sale - Here a Euro 6 Volvo FL250 box van with a 32ft box body
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For Auction at the Euro Auctions sale 2022-01-26.
1994 Volvo FL6-18 4x2 Curtainsider Lorry, Rear Mounted Hydraulic Atlas Crane, Manual Gear Box - M192 KOE - YB1E5A2AXS125017
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Volvo FL240 Refrigerated Truck 18 Tons Manual Gearbox Euro 5 Low kms Carrier 750 Supra Refrigeration System Solomon Box Side Loading Door Swing Doors Complete with Tail-lift Air Con Radio Player Digi Tacho Choice of Two ú6250 + VAT
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Lot No: 593 4x2 - Unit - **NON - RUNNER** .VAT on Hammer: Y. MX60GGO
For Auction at Protruck, Belton, Doncaster on 2022-02-02
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For Auction at the Euro Auctions sale 2022-01-26.
2003 Volvo FL220 4x2 Vacuum Tanker Lorry, Reverse Camera, Manual Gear Box (irish Reg. Docs. Available) - 03 DL 12033 - YV2E4CBA72B309897
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Volvo Fl12 6X6 Tipper - 1998 - Hub Reduction - Manual - 57082 Miles - Runs And Drives - Delivery Available - Shipping Available World Wide PleaseFollow Link Below To Veiw A Video Of This Lot Running And Driving In Movement On Our Youtube Channel Please Get In Contact With Uk-Auctions To...
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1999 (T) Volvo FL 7.5t 4x2 Tipper, day cab, manual gearbox, tipper body
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2006 Volvo FL6 26 Ton 6x2 chassis Cab only 167K KM 167
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More FL Info

Volvo FL Truck Information

Read back through the Volvo Trucks history and you will see that the company started out by making small and medium sized trucks.  By the seventies, the business lost its way in this segment as it focused on the heavy trucks.

The mid-eighties saw the launch of the first Forward control (F) Low level cab (L), hence FL model.

Volvo FL Timeline

1985 – FL Appears for the first time.  Designed from scratch, the cab had lots of windows and low entry points.  The original models had Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty versions in different weight classes and these distinctions were made in the model description – FL6L, FL6M and FL6H which went up to 18 tonnes GVW.

Also available were the FL7 and FL10 trucks – with power outputs of up to 318HP meant that they could be used to replace the heavier F10 for construction and distribution use if a smaller cab was desired.  Today, these trucks have since been replaced by the FE and FM ranges.  These models were Volvo’s best seller in the UK in the latter part of the 1980s.

1986 – FL4 7.5 tonner introduced

Using engine technology shared with Volvo’s marine division, Volvo moved into the 7.5 tonne market.  If they were hugely successful in this niche, they would still be in it today!

First Generation Volvo FL6
First Generation Volvo FL6 in the 1990s

1995 FL12 hits the streets

Combining the strength of the D12 engine seen in the FH and the low entry 2.5m wide cab, the FL12 was a hit with tipper operators and regional, high payload distribution.

2001 – FL gets a new chassis

Volvo felt that the cab was still sufficient for the job in hand, giving it a facelift, but the new chassis was based on the designs already seen in the larger FH and FM trucks.  This means disc brakes and Data Bus systems. The FL was available with outputs of 180 to 250HP from the 6-litre D6B at the time.

The 2000 Facelifted Volvo FL in 2003
The 2000 Face-lifted Volvo FL in 2003

2006 – Second Generation FL launched

Launch Volvo FL 2006 model
Studio shot of the Volvo FL at launch of the second generation in 2006

This time the FL got a new cab and was available in ready-bodied variants in readiness for the ‘Whole Vehicle Type Approval’ that came some years later.  There were three options for the cabs: Day, Comfort and Crew cabs.

Fitted with the 7-litre D7E engine, rated with two power options of 240 or 280HP, the FL followed the change in model naming by dropping the swept volume from the model, therefore instead of an FL7.240 it became known simply as the Volvo FL240.

At launch of the Euro 4 models, customers could also opt for Euro 5 versions immediately.  This meant that operators could demonstrate their green credentials by specifying a Euro 5 truck prior to the deadline some three years later.

Volvo FL 2006 with Box body
Volvo had ready-bodied FL trucks as far back as 2006

2013 – Volvo FL gets Euro 6

Since the cab was already new, it simply received a facelift in 2013 when the range had the 6-cylinder, 7.7-litre D8 and the 4-cylinder, 5 litre D5 engines upgraded to Euro 6 using a combination of EGR, particulate filter and SCR technology.  Now available as an FL250 or FL280 with a choice of 6 or 9-speeed manual gearboxes, the automated I-Shift or a fully automatic Powershift gearbox.

For added flexibility, chassis lengths start at 6.1 metres and go right up to an impressive 11.2 metres.  No 6×2 variant exists – you must choose a Volvo FE for 26 tonne operation.

2013 Euro 6 Volvo FL studio shot at launch
2013 Euro 6 Volvo FL studio shot at launch

2018 – Volvo FL Electric Launched

Although not for general sale until June 2019, with series production in March 2020, Volvo released the details of their FL electric as far back as 2018.

Electric Volvo FL - on sale in 2020
Electric Volvo FL – on sale from series production in 2020

Latest FL News

First Volvo Truck for Recovery Operator

Bradford-based Ladyroyd Garage has taken delivery of its first ever Volvo truck on the back of a recommendation from another operator. The new Volvo FL 4x2 rigid with rear air suspension has been brought in to help the business transport the larger vehicles it recovers. Supplied via Jason Robinson, Area Sales Manager at Crossroads Truck and Bus, the FL is powered by Volvo’s D8K engine, producing 280 hp. This is driven through a six-speed I-Sync automated transmission that helps to improve fuel consumption. The 16-tonne FL joins a 12-strong fleet of 7.5-tonne trucks operated by the company and is mounted…

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Volvo Trucks Conquest Deal for ‘Light’ FL

Payload is money in tanker operation. The lightweight Volvo FL chassis gave it an advantage over other manufacturers, winning the business for the first time from Bridgwater-based Western Fuel. These are its first new Volvos in its 26-strong tanker delivery fleet, with two new FL 4x2 rigids in service. The trucks replace older vehicles and will be used to deliver kerosene, diesel and gas oil to a wide customer base across the south west. Supplied by Mike Gill, Area Sales Manager, Truck and Bus Wales and West, the two 18-tonne FLs are backed with an eight-year Volvo Gold Contract repair…

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Volvo Trucks UK’s New Head of e-Mobility

Well, it’s really happening.  The truck businesses are gearing up to roll out electric trucks as the emissions deadlines move ever closer. Starting with just one electric truck on the roads, expect to see reports of record percentage growth in the electric truck market in the near future. In a demonstration of how serious the company is about replacing diesel truck sales with electric trucks, Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland has taken on its first Head of e-Mobility, just weeks after opening the order books for its all-new Volvo FH, FM and FMX Electric heavy-duty trucks. Amy Stokes joins the…

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Volvo Trucks Brand Seals the Deal

Most trucks on sale today are of good quality and most truck dealers are raising their game to provide excellent service.  So buyers look to other areas to help make their decisions over which truck to buy. Proximity to the dealership, relationship with the salesperson or, as in the case with Hako Machines, brand image. Great looking paintwork on the new Volvo FL The company has added a new Volvo FL to its demonstration and delivery fleet to help the business transport its growing range of road sweepers and scrubber driers. The cleaning and municipal machinery firm now operates four…

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Almost Full House for Volvo Fleet

In adding three more Volvo skiploaders to their fleet, Peak Waste Recycling now has 28 out of 34 trucks on the fleet wearing the Volvo Trucks badge. The growing business has added two 16-tonne FLs and one 18-tonne FE – each with skip loader bodies – to its rapidly expanding fleet. Peak Waste Recycling has added one Volvo FE and two Volvo FL skip loader trucks to its expanding fleet. Why Buy Volvo Trucks? The refuse and recycling business, based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, has been buying Volvos for many years, citing the manufacturer’s proven robustness and reliability as the key…

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