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Used Renault Magnums

Used renault magnum for sale
Typical used Magnum for sale – here a late 500hp version at Walker Movements

Despite their increasing rarity, there is usually a choice of Renault Magnums for sale at Truckpages. You may love the look of these trucks, but you won’t find too many for sale now.  Renault stopped manufacturing the Magnum in 2013 when the new Euro 6 range was launched.  It has been replaced by the flat floor version of the Range T.

Launched in 1990, the futuristic looking truck was available with an underpowered 374hp six cylinder or a Mack V8 (Renault Trucks owned Mack).  The truck was facelifted in 2001 and 2008 for Euro 5, but the basic look and appeal remained.

If you are looking for Renault Truck’s replacement for the Magnum, then you might want to consider the equally striking looking ‘Range T’.   Renault started bringing right hand drive versions of the flat floor Range T ‘High’ into the UK from 2020 so you will only find a left hand drive version older than this.  The engine tunnel in the older models are only 20 cm high – so worth checking out.

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