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The T Series is the bonneted version of Scania’s R cab that was never actually sold in the UK. However, they are much loved in this country as they stand out yet have familiar running gear and body parts (no need to buy and American truck for that look when you can buy a snubnose Scania for sale right here. The downside is that these trucks are nearly always left hand drive. Many are aftermarket conversions but still have the same look and interest. Older models are available from the 2-series onwards. These are listed under the 2, 3 or 4 series categories with the model number T164 for example.

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Tractor Unit - Standard
T Series
Scania 660s High Twin Wheel Tag - 2 Pedal - V8 Leather Package - Premium Infotainment Radio - Twin Bunks - PTO Prep - Front Air - Full Kitchen Pack - All Night Air Con - Durabrite Alloy Wheels - Big Spec - Only 3 Months Old - * FREE DELIVERY TO UK* - *
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