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Mercedes Unimog For SaleThe Unimog is the go anywhere 4×4 truck from Mercedes. Updated hugely over the years, the Unimog is like a Swiss Army knife.  You can add so many attachments it can carry out almost an job anywhere.

The only downside is the price – but you pay for what you get.  This also means that the Unimog holds their value and residuals are strong.  If you need a Unimog then you will have to buy one regardless of the price becasue there is nothing else that can do the job.

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Mercedes Unimog & Trailer

‘Simply the Best’ Mercedes-Benz Unimog Worth the Money

Everyone knows that Mercedes Unimogs are fantastic – the question is can you justify paying the price tag for one? That’s the dilemma that Luke Finney no longer has.  He has convinced himself that they are definitely worth the money.  It only took the agricultural and equestrian contractor fourteen years to make the decision, so…

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Mercedes Unimog

Unimog is off-roader of the year 2020

We all know it’s a great truck/tractor and it has been confirmed yet again by the readers of “Off Road” magazine, who voted it off-roader of the year in the “Special Vehicles” category for the sixteenth time in a row. The Unimog was well ahead in first place with 54.7 percent of readers’ votes. The…

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