Due to increased business demand, Aberdeenshire-based haulage specialist, GIF Transport and Logistics Ltd, has added the first ever Renault Trucks to its 14-strong fleet.  Citing vehicle design improvements and a comprehensive dealer back up service as the key reasons for the conquest deal, the two 13- litre T520 High 6×2 pushers are additions to GIF Transport and Logistics’ 14-strong tractor unit line-up.

Supplied by Renault Trucks Scotland, the new T520 Highs come with luxury driver’s seat, leather steering wheel, lightbars, auto lighting and windscreen wiping, multimedia screen, ROADPAD+, fixed roof air deflector and two side deflectors.

Top Sales Work – Keith Johnston

The new T520 Highs will be predominantly running for clients in the oil and gas industry in Scotland as well as international work across Europe. GIF Transport and Logistics’ Director, Brian Pirie, explains why he opted for a new brand on the company’s fleet: “The bulk of our fleet is with a competitor manufacturer, but I know the salesman at Renault Trucks Scotland, Keith Johnston, and he’s been knocking on my door for a few years trying to persuade me to try the Renault Trucks.  Due to an increase in demand for our services we are getting busier, so the time was right to add two new vehicles.”

Brian continues: “With all the updates and upgrades, including the impressive steering wheel modification, the T520 Highs are totally different trucks and, as I needed a benchmark to compare the rest of the fleet, I decided to take on a demo vehicle. The T520 High slotted seamlessly into our operation and, following this successful trial, we placed the order with Renault Trucks Scotland.”

The T520 Highs have been supplied on a five-year Renault Trucks “Excellence” Repair and Maintenance package providing full cover and the most extensive R&M contract on offer ensuring the vehicles are maintained to an outstanding condition with genuine Renault Trucks parts. All work will be carried out by Renault Trucks approved dealer, Alex Aiken in Aberdeen.

Brian says: “The Excellence package gives us total piece of mind that our vehicles are being maintained to the highest possible standards and that we will not receive any surprises when it comes to the cost of repairs.”

Brian concludes: “Introducing a new vehicle manufacturer into the fleet is always a slightly apprehensive time and although it’s still early days, we are very impressed; the driver is very happy and the fuel consumption is good so far.” 

Renault T520 Tractor Unit
The new T520 Highs come with luxury driver’s seat, leather steering wheel, lightbars, auto lighting and windscreen wiping & multimedia screen